Kao Thai Cuisine – Savannah GA

My love for Thai food goes back about 10 years when I first tasted Thai food at a restaurant that I worked.  The restaurant was not a Thai restaurant but the chef was and our restaurant had Thai Night once a week, and on these nights I was introduced to new flavors, new textures and names that I could not pronounce!  What I like about Thai food is the mixture of flavors and textures – it kind of takes your taste buds on a journey and that, I love.  I have had Thai food at other restaurants in Savannah that “claim” to be authentic, but to me, the “authenticity” is not exactly accurate.   

The food at Kao is what Thai food should be – flavorful, fresh, beautiful, interesting and exciting.  The décor of Kao is soothing, relaxing and beautiful.  The service style is upscale dining with a semi-casual edge, which is perfectly matched for the restaurant itself. 

In my opinion, Kao is one of the best places to take a date, entertain family and friends or hold a business lunch/dinner in
Savannah.  I believe that Kao is one of Savannah’s “Best Kept Secrets” or “Hidden Gems”.  If you have not tried Kao (by the way, it is pronounced “cow”, means Rice in Thailand), you should really make an effort, it is well worth it – your taste buds, eyes, ears and all of your other senses will thank you!

Kao Thai Cuisine3017 E. Victory Drive – Savannah, GA 31404 – 912- 961-2080 

**Keep in mind – do not let the location of a restaurant dictate your dining habits.  In other words, look for those “Gems” and give them a try – be a leader, not a follower – just because the “crowd” is going in one direction does not mean that is the “only” choice you have – take the road less taken… 

Some of my favorite dishes: Starter – Num Tok; Soup – Tom Kha Chicken soup; Salad – Thai Beef Salad (it’s not on the menu but you can ask for it); Main course – Green Curry, Kao Pad, Flounder, Grouper, Lobster or Soft Shell Crab w/Green curry or Whole Snapper; Dessert – Fried Ice Cream – I like the Coconut Ice Cream; Drinks – Thai Tea and Thai Coffee!  The whole menu is wonderful, and the chef will customize your selection how you would like, don’t be afraid to ask! 

Remember –  Try new foods often and broaden your horizons, you might come across a flavor you never expected to love! Don’t deny yourself of that!


5 responses to “Kao Thai Cuisine – Savannah GA

  1. We completely agree with your Kao rave! We happened into Kao one night when we were both mentally exhausted from a stressful week. This restaurant lifted our spirits immeasurably. The atmosphere was calm and soothing, and the staff was unobtrusive and quietly efficient as they attended to our every need. And the food! It was the best Thai we had ever had. Fresh and flavorful, and beautiful to look at, too. One of Savannah’s best kept secrets!

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  5. What are your hours? Should be posted.

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