Create Menu Magic!!

In the past, I haven’t cared much for the overuse of descriptive terms on menus that has become quite the trend now days – at least that is what I thought.  Lately, I have noticed that I do gravitate toward items on menus that are described in a certain matter that suggest freshness and other healthy descriptors.  Read on and I will explain.  It looks like I am not the only one.  Check this out… 

In a 2006 Technomic survey, nearly twice as many people wanted local foods as wanted organic foods on a menu.  About half (47%) said their impression of a restaurant would improve if it menued local foods; another 37% would go out of their way to visit such a restaurant. 

In other words, think about your menu.  Use earthly terms on your menu to show customers that you put flavor, freshness and quality first.  Do some research into what you are purchasing, support your local fisherman and farmers and don’t be afraid to list the farm or grower that your produce is from or the fact that your vegetables are ‘seasonal’, ‘Garden Fresh’ and your cheese is ‘Naturally aged’.   Of course these are just examples, but here are some key words to think about: 

Farm freshLocalArtisanSeasonalOrganicGarden FreshRipeFarm RaisedFreshly HarvestedNaturally AgedHeirloomVarietalFree-RangeGrass-Fed 

It is not just fine dining where this is ‘trendy’, quick service chains are also hopping on the ‘fresh’ bus!  Look at Arby’s Market Fresh Sandwich and Wendy’s Sandwiches on Artisan Bread. 

Customers appreciate seeing local and regional items on the menu! 

Wonderful example of an Entrée item – This is from The Sapphire Grill: 

Benne Encrusted Local Black Grouper & Vinegar Spiked Jasmine Rice
melted leek & heirloom tomato broil, housemade sweet soy & preserved lemon

Wonderful Chris!  I will be reviewing your restaurant soon!


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