Wasabi’s – Savannah, GA

I visited Wasabi’s on MLK Blvd for lunch today. First let me say that Sushi is probably my most favorite foods. To me, the enjoyment from having sushi not only lies in the taste, preparation, display and environment, but it is a combination of all of these that truly makes having sushi more than just a meal, but an experience. If I could have sushi every day, I would be at peace within myself – that is what the ‘experience’ of having sushi is for me…OF COURSE, not all times do these things fall into place, therefore making your ‘experience’…well…just a meal, and sometimes not a very pleasant one.

At Wasabi’s, I very much enjoyed the ‘experience’. The service was great, the food is excellent, the atmosphere is ok. I would recommend a few changes in the layout of the restaurant. I know they have Karaoke there on Thursday – Saturday night, so I am assuming they have a good ‘bar’ crowd on these days at least. I only wish that the restaurant layout were reversed. I don’t like walking in and having no one greet you at the door, basically you are on your own to sit and sometimes that is uncomfortable, especially if you have never been there before. I would rather the sushi bar and dining area be upfront, this would allow for them to put tables in the window, which is always nice, and the restaurant would appear to busier than it really is, which can never ‘hurt’ your business. The bar and Karaoke station should be to the rear.

Being that that is the only real ‘suggestion’, I would say, Nice Job Wasabi’s – but do think about my suggestion. You have a great thing going, don’t base all of your design elements on the ‘bar’ crowd when downtown is in need of some great Japanese food/sushi!!

I’ll be back – to enjoy my ‘sushi experience’



2 responses to “Wasabi’s – Savannah, GA

  1. molpish@aol.com

    we should have some sorta data base here of menu’s for us non- bar folk who love good food but hate the crowds. Not to say Wasabi is always heavily crowded – most times for lunch it’s pretty barren inside.

  2. http://www.savannahmenu.com is a good starting point. This gives you the overall feel for a restaurant and they have many on their data base. Check it out.

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