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Caraway Cafe – Fresh & Healthy – Perfect for the New Year!

I have finally found a healthy, tasty lunch spot with a friendly atmosphere where you are treated like family!! 

Caraway Cafe prides itself on healthy, fresh ingredients with sandwiches and specials made daily.  What is even better…..the menu is full of many of my favorite things…goat cheese, roasted peppers, portabella shrooms, artichokes, feta…and more!!  And their freshly made soups are wonderful – they change daily, but everyday is a good soup day at Caraway!

Some of my favorites are …

The Chopped Turkey Salad with onions, tomato, sunflower seeds, avocado, bacon, goat cheese dressed with a whole grain vinaigrette – light, tasty, plenty of texture (which to me is very important in a good salad, and a dressing that brings all the wonderful flavors out and ties the salad together like a gift from the gods!!

The Baja Fish Taco which is pan seared tilapia, horseradish slaw, pico de gallo, spinach drizzled with a chipotle cream.  I am always up for a fish taco and this one is done right!!! Tasty!!

Caraway has daily specials each day such as their famous Black Bean Cakes with sauteed spinach, tomatilo salsa and chipotle cream and the Spiced Butternut Salad over mixed greens, pepitas, lentils, goat cheese and a pomegranate vin.

Caraway Cafe has market items available for take home…Great wines selected from local Wine Guru Tim Rutherford and local cheeses from Sweet Grass Dairy A must stop on the way home!!!

Stop by and check them out, afterall, it is a new year…time to enjoy some fresh & healthy options for lunch!!

Caraway Cafe & Market

Located on the corner of Paulsen and 66th. 912-691-1266

Monday – Friday 7am – 2:30pm, Catering is Available anytime as well!!


The “New” New South Cafe!! Yeah!

I just found out through the grapevine that one of my favorite restaurants, The New South Cafe is not only expanding their dining room to include a new “wine” room but they are also reopening after their remodeling with a new fall menu to include some wonderful dishes like Lobster Sliders, Crab Cake Wontons, The New South Chicken BLT Sandwich, Stuffed Pork Chops and a Lobster Roll!!!

The crew at The New South Cafe have been working hard for the past couple of weeks with construction of a new dining area, a new bar area, recovering furniture, hanging all new artwork from Jack Metcalf courtesy of DesotoRow Gallery in Savannah, creating and implementing a new fall menu, etc.  The will reopen for lunch and dinner on Tuesday September 9th!!

With summer almost over, what a perfect time to start the fall season off with a bang!!  I am looking forward to trying some of the new dishes and can’t wait to see the new Wine Bar!!!  I sure hope they still have Date Night on Wednesdays…what a great idea.

Anyway, check them out!

The New South Cafe – 912-233-7558 –

13th Annual Savannah Asian Festival!!

Yeah!! Come one and come all!!

From Mehndi to Mandu, the 13th Annual Savannah Asian Festival brings an entire continent of unique cultures, cuisines, performances and fun to the Savannah Civic Center! This festival continues to grow in popularity every year, and has become one of the largest celebrations of Asian culture in the Southeast. The City of Savannah’s Department of Cultural Affairs and hundreds of Asian-American volunteers work together to present this one-day, whirlwind tour of the East under one roof.

This is a great time and place to sample the culinary delights from all of Asia in one spot!! A must see for travelers and locals alike! Check it out!

A review of this festival will be coming after I sink my teeth into the offerings!! Check back!!



The 13th Annual Savannah Asian Festival

Saturday, June 7 — 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Savannah Civic Center MLK Arena

Presented by the City of Savannah’s Department of Cultural Affairs
and the Savannah Asian Festival Committee

The 13th Annual Savannah Asian Festival

My New Favorite – Coffee Crusted Beef Tenderloin!! Who would have thought!

~~Gourmet Girl News Flash~~

For some reason in the past 10 years I have turned into one of those people that just don’t eat alot of red meat.  It was never a consious or health decision, I just always choose seafood or chicken – I like it better.  Not that I don’t appreciate a good cut of meat and trust me, a good hamburger every now and then is tasty!! But that is about the extent of it… or it used to be.


Not long ago I would proudly say to myself, “I don’t remember the last time… or anytime for that matter, that I ordered a steak at a restaurant”.  Just hearing me say that sounded odd – even to me!  

That now has changed…. Brace yourself, this is a good one!

At one of my favorite restaurants a while back while I was glancing over the seafood entrees, an interesting Beef dish caught my eye.  This was a Coffee Crusted Beef Tenderloin with Creamy Mashed Potatoes and Oyster Mushrooms with an Espresso Cream Sauce!!  I DO love Coffee so it automatically sounded yummy and extremely interesting – I had to try it.


The dish was wonderfully presented on a triangle-shaped plate that was visually exciting and refreshing to see someting other than a round plate!  The Tenderloin was crusted with coffee and cooked to perfection, the mushrooms were silky and sexy and the potatoes were rich, creamy and delicious.  But the sauce…oh! the sauce.  Oh My the Sauce!  This was the best tasting sauce that I have ever tasted.  Sounds kind of strange – coffee and steak – but it is actually the perfect marriage!  Rich and earthy, fantastically delicious, lip-smacking goodness.  This would be good over anything (seriously!), but it was the PERFECT compliment to an outstanding dish!!

Bravo – Bravo – Goes to The New South Cafe for creating an interesting, memorable, fantastic entree that is out of this world !!  Check it out for yourself if you are in Savannah!!

Coffee Crusted Beef Tenderloin – What to order!!

The New South Cafe – 2601 Skidaway Road, Savannah, GA 31404 – 912-233-7558


Southern Food in Savannah – Served in Many Places

Each week I check my stats on this website to see what the most viewed post is and every week it is the same…My review of The Lady and Son’s (Paula Deen’s restaurant) in Savannah.  I suppose I can understand this being that Paula Deen is everywhere you look now days, but it concerns me slightly to think that people visit Savannah for some good southern food thinking that The Lady and Son’s is the ONLY place in town that serves traditional “Southern” food –


Savannah is located in the South, therefore there are many great restaurants to get your fill of Collard Greens, Fried Chicken, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, etc.  

No one, I repeat, no one should have to stand on the sidewalk in the sweltering heat of Savannah in the summer hoping to get a seat at The Lady and Sons.  I have received several comments from my earlier post of The Lady and Sons and this is the number one complaint.  If you find your vacation taking you to Savannah for some southern food, here are some other options for you that are really good – and you won’t have to break a sweat waiting in line like cattle… 

The New South Cafe – obviously one of my favorites! Well, well worth every penny! It is on the “Foody Tour” stop for Southern Food!! 

Mrs. Wilkes – Savannah tradition (if it is still open).  You can always get takeout through the backdoor in the lane behind the restaurant! Good value! 

The Holland House – I have heard through the grapevine this one is as good and less crowded than Mrs. Wilkes – check it out.   

Sweet Potatoes – fun, quirky little place – with great food I must add!   

Keep an open mind while dining, don’t follow the crowd EVERYWHERE!  Meaning, Savannah is a beautiful city with some wonderful restaurants and excellent Chefs that can cook some fantastic dishes  – check them out! 

I will add the addresses and phone numbers of the restaurants that I have listed soon.Enjoy! 

Paula Deen/The Lady & Sons – Savannah GA

Let me start by saying hard work, persistence, dedication, good taste, talent and timing has a lot to do with success in the restaurant business.  Paula Deen has shown, not just Savannah this, but she is on the verge of showing the rest of the world this as well.  

I have put a lot of thought into the success of Paula Deen with her restaurant, TV shows, cook books, magazine, etc. and sometimes, for the life of me, I just can’t understand it.  I can’t understand the hordes of people that gather around the entrance of The Lady and Sons or why her magazine is #1 at Barnes and Nobel – it IS just Southern cooked food, right… 

Well, not really.  It really is MUCH more than that.  I now understand…

I went to The Lady and Sons for lunch today to see what the hype is all about.  Now, first off, I would not say this is a restaurant that locals would visit on a regular basis, but I would say this is a place everyone should visit at least once and then the next time, bring someone that has never been there before.  

Why – because, you just have to…what else can I say.  It is everything you would expect and much, much more.   

After you are seated you are brought their famous Cheddar Biscuits and Hoe Cakes to munch on while you are waiting – is there really a better way to start a meal – the Cheddar Biscuits are addictive, but do save room, you will be thankful!!  We had the Fried Green Tomatoes for an appetizer – they were perfect – light, crispy, tart and very flavorful, excellent.  For lunch and dinner there is the Southern Buffet that will satisfy anyone craving really good fried chicken, collard greens, lima beans and the best smelling sweet potatoes in the world (in my opinion…I almost got the buffet just for these) and the menu which you can order off of.  I opted for the menu.   I ordered the Tilapia Sandwich that was blackened to perfection and slathered with a homemade peach glaze….I would go back any day of the week for this sandwich, it blew me away.  The sweetness of the peach glaze with the spiciness of the blackened spices – it was perfect.  I am stuffed right now, but I could not put the sandwich down…it was THAT good. I also was able to partake in the Asparagus Sandwich that was served on toasted pumpernickel bread topped with jack cheese, purple onion and Thousand Island dressing which is a wonderful sandwich with a great flavor and texture – excellent choice for vegetarians or those wanting a lighter fare. 

Bottom line, the food was great.  The atmosphere was comfortable and inviting.  She has done a wonderful job at pulling together a large restaurant and making it feel like “home”.  The staff was perfect – friendly, charming and attentive.  Keep in mind that you will have to wait to be seated and served, but if you go into it knowing this and expecting it, it should not bother you. 

**I might add that Harry Connick Jr. was there having lunch as well.   

Now, there is no doubt that Paula Deen has worked hard alongside her 2 sons for quite some time and her story tells of this journey.   At times, I might not have understood the attraction, but I do respect it completely. Paula Deen has proven that if you work hard enough, if you have the love and passion in your heart for something, if you keep your dream alive and do not lose sight of your goal (and a bit of luck comes your way) you will, one day, be rewarded in life by seeing your dreams come true in one way or another.  The Lady & Sons 102 West Congress St.
Savannah, GA

The New South Cafe – Savannah, GA

Let me start by saying that most ‘upscale’ dining establishments are located downtown with a few exceptions on the Southside.  There have not been many choices of true culinary delights located on the East Side of Savannah, but I believe The New South Café is here to change this.   

I went to dinner at The New South Café the other night and I was sort of expecting the same menu as lunch with a few additions which would have been wonderful, but to my surprise, the menu was NOT the same at all.  The menu was filled with well thought out dishes combined with interesting ingredients and textures that would make anyone take notice – this place is serious about their food! 

I started my dinner off with the White Asparagus Soup with a Peach Butter Crostini that was served in a cute mug with the plank of Crostini topping it – Yummy! Warm, creamy, not too heavy and the Peach Butter added a very nice touch. 

My appetizer consisted of several different choices that were shared.  Tuna Tar Tar with Wasabi Mayo on Sweet Potato Chips, BBQ Chicken Pot Stickers pan seared with a Plum Cherry Drizzle, Crispy Smoked Duck Spring Roll with Asian Noodles, Granny Smith Apple Slaw and Sweet Soy Sauce, Beer Battered Fried Green Tomatoes with Sriracha Sauce – Wow, what a feast, and we haven’t even gotten to the main course.  I believe my favorite out of these was the Crispy Smoked Duck Spring Roll – very nice smoky flavor, good textures and great presentation – a ‘must’ try if you go. 

For my entrée I had the White Snapper Teriyaki with Pad Thai Noodles, Napa Cabbage, Peanuts, Shiitake Mushrooms and a Lychee Sabayon– Very nice, flavorful and cooked to perfection!  The person dining with me had the Marinated and Grilled Skirt Steak with Cilantro Rice, Black Beans, Guacamole, Toasted Tortilla, Pico De Gallo and Sour Cream – Of course I had to have a taste, and it was excellent as well. As you can see by what I have mentioned, this restaurant is ahead of its time.  Don’t let the location fool you, it is not ‘just’ a restaurant, it is much, much more than that.  The combination of interesting flavors, beautiful presentations and culinary techniques that are devoted to this menu is astounding.  With that being said, judge for yourself! 

The New South Café2601 Skidaway Road – Savannah, GA 31404 or

Hours of Operation – Tuesday – Saturday  Lunch 11am-3pm and Dinner 5pm – 9pm