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Lulu’s Chocolate Bar – Sweet Success in Savannah

What a way to end the evening!! Saturday night my goal was to check out the new Lulu’s Chocolate Bar on Martin Luther King Blvd. in Savannah. After several stops earlier in the evening we made our way to Lulu’s.

Lulu’s Chocolate Bar is what Downtown Savannah has been missing. I mean, there are great restaurants, fun bars, local hangouts – but there really has not been a place like Lulu’s ever (at least not that I can remember). It is the perfect combination of a well thought out ‘theme’, decadent sweets, fantastic wine choices and delicious martins that blend together like…well, sweet luxurious chocolate – and who, in their right mind doesn’t like chocolate.

I had the Cheesecake paired with a sinfully good Raspberry Truffle Martini and my friend had the Triple Chocolate Cake with an Espresso Martini. Both were excellent and the Martini’s were to die for. They have many other dessert options to choose from so I would recommend trying a different combination each time you visit, and trust me, you will want to visit many, many times.

The only, and I mean only, problem I would foresee happening is that they will need to find a larger location because Lulu’s has just opened, and when everyone finds out about what they offer, everyone will want to stop by their on their way home. It is a perfect way to end a night, whether you are a couple, a first date, friends, buddies, it doesn’t matter – to end the night with chocolate – who could ask for anything more.

And might I add, I must give kudos to the owners because this is the best concept for a restaurant/bar that I have seen in a very long time. Keep it simple & sweet and success will follow!

Great job Lulu’s, I wish you the best. I will be back many times!

Lulu’s Chocolate Bar
42 Martin Luther King Blvd.
Savannah, GA 31401
M-W 4pm-12midnight
Th-Sat 4pm-1am
**Large orders and whole cakes available with 2 days advance order.


Pre-Review of The Local 11 Ten – Savannah

As I do many times prior to submitting a restaurant review I check out the menu of the restaurant that I plan on visiting. The Local 11 Ten is one of Savannah’s newest restaurants that has been getting a lot of buzz lately so I plan on doing a review of it very soon. I went to their website (which by the way does not do justice to the excellent and unique location that it resides within) and printed out their menu to review ahead of time.

Now, I can honestly say, I am not a professional chef or even a chef at all, but I do know the restaurant business fairly well and have worked in many types of restaurants from casual to fine dining. I do consider myself to be rather adventurous as far as my taste buds go and will try most anything at least once.Reading over the menu for The Local 11 Ten I was actually taken back a bit. By that, I mean, there were items on the menu that I have never heard of in my life. Ok, ok, call me what you wish, but if I need a translation book to read my menu and a Professional Chef Cookbook to explain the dishes, I am just a little unsure to be honest. This is not saying that I won’t order any of the dishes that confuse and scare me, I am just being honest. I am sure everything is very good – I will soon find out for myself

Here are some dishes that I am a little uneasy about…

  • Bacalao – salt cod-potato gratin, grilled toast (salt cod?? doesn’t’ wet my whistle)
  • Meatballs – pork and veal albondigas, jerez vinegar jus, golden raisins (what the…..?? Glad they said it was meatballs, otherwise I would have no idea what it was)
  • Soup – chilled sweat (not a typo on my behalf, but I think they meant to write Sweet (at least I hope)) pea soup, lobster salad, pea shoots – (No, don’t think so – cold pureed peas just doesn’t do it for me)
  • Beet Salad – (Now it does have goat cheese on it, so you would think I would go for it—but it is BEETS!-yuck)
  • Charcuterie Plate – fra’ mani salame toscano, caw caw creek prosciuto, bresaola (I have no idea what I just typed, but I think it is a few types of meat from fancy suppliers that I am not aware of – the names scare me but I would order it)

Some other names/descriptors in the main courses that I don’t recognize:Gascon sauce, paparadelle, barigoule, stinging nettle broth, hanger steak – It would not stop me from ordering the dishes, I just do not know what they are really.

I believe that when you visit a certain level of restaurant you either must be very educated in your knowledge and experience of gastronomy in general or you must be willing to order what is on the menu having no idea what it is and be completely happy about it (I suppose from my writings today, the later must be me). I also believe that when your diner decision leads you to a ‘finer’ quality of establishment, the “questioning” of the menu is frankly – out of the question.

My point that I am trying to make is that I don’t believe you have to go to such a major extent to try to be so descriptive with dishes that it confuses the average diner.

Before you beat me up with this, I do understand that they are trying to make their “stand” in Savannah as an upscale establishment that is doing what some others in Savannah are not, but I don’t think the extreme menu descriptors are necessary to impress….Impress them with the food, decor, staff and general atmosphere – not how fancy they can make a menu sound.

Now I know others have reviewed The Local 11 Ten recently and loved it, I will have to see for myself.

Like I say on my blog…“I am a Self-Proclaimed Foodie that enjoys the complete package of dining out. It is not all about the food at a restaurant, all factors come into play – atmosphere, staffing, decor and location are also very important. I just review restaurants for fun! Hope you enjoy!”

And of course…“Remember – Try new foods often and broaden your horizons, you might come across a flavor you never expected to love! Don’t deny yourself of that!” –

Will do – that is the fun part about doing this – trying new things!!!

See you soon Local 11 Ten!