Pre-Review of The Local 11 Ten – Savannah

As I do many times prior to submitting a restaurant review I check out the menu of the restaurant that I plan on visiting. The Local 11 Ten is one of Savannah’s newest restaurants that has been getting a lot of buzz lately so I plan on doing a review of it very soon. I went to their website (which by the way does not do justice to the excellent and unique location that it resides within) and printed out their menu to review ahead of time.

Now, I can honestly say, I am not a professional chef or even a chef at all, but I do know the restaurant business fairly well and have worked in many types of restaurants from casual to fine dining. I do consider myself to be rather adventurous as far as my taste buds go and will try most anything at least once.Reading over the menu for The Local 11 Ten I was actually taken back a bit. By that, I mean, there were items on the menu that I have never heard of in my life. Ok, ok, call me what you wish, but if I need a translation book to read my menu and a Professional Chef Cookbook to explain the dishes, I am just a little unsure to be honest. This is not saying that I won’t order any of the dishes that confuse and scare me, I am just being honest. I am sure everything is very good – I will soon find out for myself

Here are some dishes that I am a little uneasy about…

  • Bacalao – salt cod-potato gratin, grilled toast (salt cod?? doesn’t’ wet my whistle)
  • Meatballs – pork and veal albondigas, jerez vinegar jus, golden raisins (what the…..?? Glad they said it was meatballs, otherwise I would have no idea what it was)
  • Soup – chilled sweat (not a typo on my behalf, but I think they meant to write Sweet (at least I hope)) pea soup, lobster salad, pea shoots – (No, don’t think so – cold pureed peas just doesn’t do it for me)
  • Beet Salad – (Now it does have goat cheese on it, so you would think I would go for it—but it is BEETS!-yuck)
  • Charcuterie Plate – fra’ mani salame toscano, caw caw creek prosciuto, bresaola (I have no idea what I just typed, but I think it is a few types of meat from fancy suppliers that I am not aware of – the names scare me but I would order it)

Some other names/descriptors in the main courses that I don’t recognize:Gascon sauce, paparadelle, barigoule, stinging nettle broth, hanger steak – It would not stop me from ordering the dishes, I just do not know what they are really.

I believe that when you visit a certain level of restaurant you either must be very educated in your knowledge and experience of gastronomy in general or you must be willing to order what is on the menu having no idea what it is and be completely happy about it (I suppose from my writings today, the later must be me). I also believe that when your diner decision leads you to a ‘finer’ quality of establishment, the “questioning” of the menu is frankly – out of the question.

My point that I am trying to make is that I don’t believe you have to go to such a major extent to try to be so descriptive with dishes that it confuses the average diner.

Before you beat me up with this, I do understand that they are trying to make their “stand” in Savannah as an upscale establishment that is doing what some others in Savannah are not, but I don’t think the extreme menu descriptors are necessary to impress….Impress them with the food, decor, staff and general atmosphere – not how fancy they can make a menu sound.

Now I know others have reviewed The Local 11 Ten recently and loved it, I will have to see for myself.

Like I say on my blog…“I am a Self-Proclaimed Foodie that enjoys the complete package of dining out. It is not all about the food at a restaurant, all factors come into play – atmosphere, staffing, decor and location are also very important. I just review restaurants for fun! Hope you enjoy!”

And of course…“Remember – Try new foods often and broaden your horizons, you might come across a flavor you never expected to love! Don’t deny yourself of that!” –

Will do – that is the fun part about doing this – trying new things!!!

See you soon Local 11 Ten!


19 responses to “Pre-Review of The Local 11 Ten – Savannah

  1. Hello, we live right near Local 11 Ten and have been there for drinks and appetizers. I love the interior, the prices are a little steep, but it’s worth it if you know the food is from local providers.

    Let me tell you about salt cod – I first tried it in Spain and it was fantastic! I’m not a big fish eater at all, so I was a bit hesitant, but man, it was delicious, and salty! So good. I doubt I can have it anymore now that I’m gluten free, but it’s worth a taste!

    I had the cheese plate (very small portions, but they give you tons of bread – which did nothing for me since I can’t eat it) and chorizo w/olives. That was tasty too.

    Enjoy, and I look forward to your review!

  2. Thank you for your kind and understanding comment. Most people from my other website are beating me up about this entry because I was not familiar with the dishes. I am looking forward to trying The Local 11 Ten.


  3. Your frist impression is correct of Local 11 ten.
    Having been there a couple times I found the restaurant pretentious and wondered why I spent so much money on what(?).
    The menu is eclectic but has no meaning – one item doesn’t compliment the other.
    granted it has a nice atmosphere, but I wonder if Local 11 ten will will click with savannah as a fine dining experience.

  4. Wow, thanks for that, I myself wonder how it will do for the long haul. It doesn’t seem to have the makings for a long term stay.

  5. It is amazing that you consider yourself a food critic. Anyone who does not understand such basic culinary terms as those used on Local 11 ten’s menu should not be in the business of judging fine dining restaurants. Savannah diners are discriminating, wordly and sophisticated. Local 11 ten will serve them well.

  6. Thanks for your comment, this is why well all have the ability to have our own opinion. Thanks again.

  7. All Savannah needs is another overpriced, overhyped restaurant in a bad neighborhood that serves stuff you can’t even understand. To top it all off, the chef is a jerk. Ask anybody who works there–they all can’t stand him.

  8. i would hesitate to call myself a gourmet if i were easily intimidated by a new spin on local dining. and, really, who pre-reviews a restaurant? since you can’t actually review any food until it has graced your palate, a pre-review means you simply read the menu. and you obviously had an idea of what you were looking for. local 11ten is not for everyone. maybe you would better enjoy a more conventional restaurant. i hear a panera bread opened across from the starbucks on broughton.

  9. If you would hesitate to call yourself a gourmet – then don’t. I am not intiminated at all, in fact that is what makes new restaurants stand out. Everyone has their opinions, that is the beauty of a blog that you can post. My opinion just happens to be that a restaurant does not need to go OVERBOARD on the pretentiousness of their egos.

  10. Just curious, but what gives you the right to judge a good restaurant? You are not a Chef and have no culinary training to be able to understand the dynamics of a fine dining restaurant. I think critics like you should be sued for slander each time you post a review.

  11. Doesn’t everyone have the right to judge a restaurant?? If I am not mistaken everyone has the right to their own opinion. And for your information, I do have the understanding of the dynamics of a fine dining restaurant, so until you know me personally, I would hesitate with that comment.

  12. All that fuss really. If you wanna flame eachother, go to and go to rants and raves section… gourmetgirly tells everyone up front what her deal is (i.e., not a cook, etc.) so stop beating her up. Everyoen is entitled to their own opinion.

  13. Thanks Eastridge for getting my back on this – thank you, thank you, thank you. I am just giving my opinion as I see it – as a consumer that enjoys dining!

  14. Although I agree that this restaurant suffers from it own arrogant attitude (ie: the servers are ridiculous) and pompous atmosphere, I have to say that the food was excellent both times I have been there. But having heard that the original chef has left I can only assume the quality of the food will drop to the level of everything else. Why can’t restaurants in Savannah keep good talent in their kitchens? Keep up the good work GG.

  15. Good Point David!! Good help is hard to find and even harder to keep as we all know. Being from the restaurant business myself I have seen many chefs come and go, the key I believe is catching them at the right time even if they do move on from your establishment. It is possible to grow both a prosperous restaurant and cultivate a chef so that he may move on as well – in some cases this is a win win for both parties, being that the timing is right for each!

  16. I have been in Savannah for about a week now and from what a few people have told me, I’ve tried every great restaurant in town, which by the way isn’t saying much. It’s a shame really, if someone says,”Oh I have a restaurant in Savannah and it’s Zagat rated the translation is this: Now we don’t have to work as as hard.” Local 11 Ten is the BEST RESTAURANT is Savannah. Over priced? Compared to what? Bad neighborhood? Compared to where. I applaud the owners for taking a chance and opening a place in a not “bad” neighborhood. Isn’t that usually the first step in making a place better. Lower leases attract people with not a lot of capital but who have a great idea. Not everyone can be on Broughton or Bay Street. Plus it’s the hidden gems that make a city like Savannah so great. Check out Eos the next time your looking for a great place to dine. Ask for Shelly or Brian and they’ll take great care of you. My hat’s off to the people who try and make any city better.

  17. Thanks for your comment, I do agree with you. I have heard good things about Eos but have not made it there yet – I will. I do love the idea for the location of Local Ten and I think that the dining space in the vault is so original that alone should bring diners to it.

  18. just ate there recently and wasn’t impressed. bottom line: they try to hard. the food was pretty but boring as far as taste goes and the staff overdoes it. when it comes to upscale dining i have had much tastier and more comfortable experiences at sapphire grill and vic’s.
    …but i’m the kind of girl that loves zunzis and angels bbq

  19. GG,
    Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Here is the problem, I am a chef, and have seen other restaurants fail because of irresponsible and naive opinons that turn into gossip. I would not “pre-review” an art gallery. Why would you do the same for a restaurant? You “reviewed” a menu of a restaurant, and you write about beets being “yucky.”
    Have you been to eat there yet? I have my own opinions for it, but even though I am a chef, I’m not a writer, so I am going keep my opinions to myself. Help Savannah restaurants by becoming a more educated diner.

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