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Caraway Cafe – Fresh & Healthy – Perfect for the New Year!

I have finally found a healthy, tasty lunch spot with a friendly atmosphere where you are treated like family!! 

Caraway Cafe prides itself on healthy, fresh ingredients with sandwiches and specials made daily.  What is even better…..the menu is full of many of my favorite things…goat cheese, roasted peppers, portabella shrooms, artichokes, feta…and more!!  And their freshly made soups are wonderful – they change daily, but everyday is a good soup day at Caraway!

Some of my favorites are …

The Chopped Turkey Salad with onions, tomato, sunflower seeds, avocado, bacon, goat cheese dressed with a whole grain vinaigrette – light, tasty, plenty of texture (which to me is very important in a good salad, and a dressing that brings all the wonderful flavors out and ties the salad together like a gift from the gods!!

The Baja Fish Taco which is pan seared tilapia, horseradish slaw, pico de gallo, spinach drizzled with a chipotle cream.  I am always up for a fish taco and this one is done right!!! Tasty!!

Caraway has daily specials each day such as their famous Black Bean Cakes with sauteed spinach, tomatilo salsa and chipotle cream and the Spiced Butternut Salad over mixed greens, pepitas, lentils, goat cheese and a pomegranate vin.

Caraway Cafe has market items available for take home…Great wines selected from local Wine Guru Tim Rutherford and local cheeses from Sweet Grass Dairy A must stop on the way home!!!

Stop by and check them out, afterall, it is a new year…time to enjoy some fresh & healthy options for lunch!!

Caraway Cafe & Market

Located on the corner of Paulsen and 66th. 912-691-1266

Monday – Friday 7am – 2:30pm, Catering is Available anytime as well!!


Tough times claims another independent

Everyone knows that the economy is in the toilet lately and we have all seen restaurants come and go.  One of my favorite restaurants have fallen victim to rough economic times just recently and I was very sad to see them serve their last entree the other night.  

The New South Cafe also operates as the in-house caterers for The Mighty 8th Air force Museum in Pooler and will be relocating to Matt Cohen’s New South Pub situated in the Museum.  It seems they are centralizing operations which is a smart business move on their part but still, I am sad to see the Skidaway road location closed as it remains close to my heart.

In the past month I have seen several independent restaurants closing for many different reasons, but I am certain that the economy has not helped matters in each situation.  In these desperate times we all need to be as supportive as we can to independent operators because I have always believed that those are where you find true passion for what they do.

I wish Matt and his wonderful crew the best of luck in their new adventures.  

And for those of you wondering where to eat out – skip the chain restaurant and visit a local, independent restaurant that truly puts their heart and soul on the menu!  Without independent restaurants where will we go to find good, fresh and amazing food!

See you at The Mighty 8th next week.  I will come check out Matt Cohen’s New South Pub!

The “New” New South Cafe!! Yeah!

I just found out through the grapevine that one of my favorite restaurants, The New South Cafe is not only expanding their dining room to include a new “wine” room but they are also reopening after their remodeling with a new fall menu to include some wonderful dishes like Lobster Sliders, Crab Cake Wontons, The New South Chicken BLT Sandwich, Stuffed Pork Chops and a Lobster Roll!!!

The crew at The New South Cafe have been working hard for the past couple of weeks with construction of a new dining area, a new bar area, recovering furniture, hanging all new artwork from Jack Metcalf courtesy of DesotoRow Gallery in Savannah, creating and implementing a new fall menu, etc.  The will reopen for lunch and dinner on Tuesday September 9th!!

With summer almost over, what a perfect time to start the fall season off with a bang!!  I am looking forward to trying some of the new dishes and can’t wait to see the new Wine Bar!!!  I sure hope they still have Date Night on Wednesdays…what a great idea.

Anyway, check them out!

The New South Cafe – 912-233-7558 – www.thenewsouthcafe.com

Alligator Soul – “The Soul is what truly matters”

Alligator Soul Logo

Located on Barnard Street just off of Broughton Street downstairs from the Postal Office, Alligator Soul is a unique restaurant with an inviting dining room surrounded with exposed brick walls, lovely tables and several intimate dining rooms that makes the restaurant feel much larger than it really is.

The meaning behind the name…as we are all curious…is very interesting.  Alligator Soul has everything to do with who you are, not what you look like. Too often, we are wrongly judged by our exterior appearance (thus the word Alligator). We all know, however, that the soul is what truly matters.

I visited Alligator Soul recently with a small group and was quite impressed with their menu, their decor, their chef and the waiter – Eddie I believe (Thanks Eddie for an incredible experience).  Now, I am going to mention many, many items – keep in mind that I didn’t eat all of this by myself, but tasted I did. 


  • Skirt Steak Omlet – (amuse bouche) – quite tasty, a nice little ‘teaser’ for the night.
  • Oyster Bienville – eBlue Point Oysters on the Half Shell Baked with Creole Spiced Bienville Stuffing made with Georgia White Shrimp, House Smoked Bacon, Trinity Mire Poix and Hilbo Cajun Seasoning.  Garnished with Lemon Wedges and Crumbled Bacon. –excellent, served on a bed of rock salt, very good
  • Alligator Soul Cheese CourseInternational and Domestic Cheeses. Served with house made Focaccia and Papadum Bread, Italian Olives and Marinated Sun Dried Tomatoes, Fresh Grapes and Savannah Bee Company Honeycomb.  My Favorite!!! Yummy!! Lip smacking goodness!! I would eat this everyday, well, maybe not EVERY day…but possibly!! Did I say it was my favorite yet….yum, I am hungry.
  • Fried Green Tomatoes – Organice Fried Green Tomatoes, Cornmeal Battered Crisp and Golden.  Served with Alligator Soul Chipotle Mayo and Purple Perubian Potatoes.  Garnished with Salsa Verde and Sliced Citrus.  Fried Green Tomatoes are becoming to Savannah what the Crab Cakes are currently – all restaurants are starting to have them on their menu and everyone claims to have the best.  These were good, nice breading, great taste, I loved them.
  • Beef Carpaccio – Thinly Sliced Beef Tenderloin Served with a Dijon Horseradish Sauce and Baby Mustard Greens with Fresh Shaved Parmesan Cheese and Truffles.  Drizzled with a Caper and Citrus Basil Vinaigrette.  Garnished with Sea Salt, Cracked Black Pepper and Herb Crostinis.  Excellent!


  • Diver ScallopsThis was my entree.  The scallops were perfectly cooked and seasoned.  I did not care for the huge leek stalk that was with it thought, but overall the taste and presentation were very nice.
  • The “little” Eddie – Eighteen Ounces of Choice Rib Steak Cold Smoked, Blackened in cast iron with Cajun Spices and Finished in the oven.  Served with Bourbon Peppercorn Cream and Skillet Roasted Potatoes – Slightly, well actually way too much blackening seasoning – almost unpleasant to eat.
  • The ‘Big’ Eddie – Not on the menu but basically the same as the ‘little’ Eddie with a bone sticking out of it and approximately the size of a human head!!  (not the visual you would want, sorry, but for size factor, trust me, I am right on).  Seasoning was much better on this one, but slightly charred on the outside.


Needless to say after this meal, I was stuffed like that snake on the news that ate that alligator a couple of years ago.

Overall, the restaurant is a great place.  I love the menu and the chef seems to have a true talent for putting flavors and textures together that are interesting and inviting.  I would recomment this and I will be returning.  As far as the prices go – for downtown, high but right in place with other high end restaurants of this calibur.  Check it out!!!



13th Annual Savannah Asian Festival!!

Yeah!! Come one and come all!!

From Mehndi to Mandu, the 13th Annual Savannah Asian Festival brings an entire continent of unique cultures, cuisines, performances and fun to the Savannah Civic Center! This festival continues to grow in popularity every year, and has become one of the largest celebrations of Asian culture in the Southeast. The City of Savannah’s Department of Cultural Affairs and hundreds of Asian-American volunteers work together to present this one-day, whirlwind tour of the East under one roof.

This is a great time and place to sample the culinary delights from all of Asia in one spot!! A must see for travelers and locals alike! Check it out!

A review of this festival will be coming after I sink my teeth into the offerings!! Check back!!



The 13th Annual Savannah Asian Festival

Saturday, June 7 — 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Savannah Civic Center MLK Arena

Presented by the City of Savannah’s Department of Cultural Affairs
and the Savannah Asian Festival Committee

The 13th Annual Savannah Asian Festival

My Best Meal in Savannah so far…

I like all types of food, but I must say I am partial to seafood – in fact, I can not remember the last time I have ordered a steak at a restaurant – I have tasted, just not ordered. 

The other night I was in the mood for a good piece of fish – not a flimsly, thin slice of fish, a nice thick chunk that is substantial that melts in your mouth.  As we all know, this is easier dreamt of than found. 

Well, I got lucky!

I was at The New South Cafe the other night and ordered the Blackened Redfish from the menu.  This dish, for some reason, I have never had.  The Blackened Redfish is presented over a nice bed of Coconut-Leek Risotto with a Blood Orange GastriqueOH MY GOD!!  How on earth did this dish never make it to my pallet I have no idea.  This was the best dish I have ever eaten in Savannah.  The fish was perfectly seasoned – not too spicy, just right.  The coconut-leek risotto was to die for – the flavors blended so perfectly with every bite.  And if it could not get any better than that – the Blood Orange Gastrique was the perfect accompanyment that accented all of the flavors and married the entire dish to be a wonderfully created dinner that was so satisfying I did not want it to end!!!  The flavor that was left in my mouth was beautiful – spicy, sweet, sour, tart – all combined to make this a sensory explosion experience!

Now, I don’t usually write about individual dishes that I eat, but in this case – it is well deserved!

My hat goes of to the wonderful chefs at The New South Cafe for once again, creating an experience that all others will have to live up to in my book.

I won’t even say IF you go….this is a MUST GO…

The New South Cafe, 2601 Skidaway Road, Savannah, GA 31404



Gravy – New Savannah Restaurant

Yesterday we visited “Gravy”, the newly opened restaurant downtown on Whitaker Street that was formerly occupied by Sawyers.  I had never been to Sawyers, so I am not sure what the inside of the restaurant used to look like, but now the space is quite lovely.  The colors are very neutral, the décor is simple (in a good way!) and the large chalk boards displaying the dinner menu is a great idea – so props to the decorator – job well done.  


The idea of “Gravy” is that you get your choice of ‘gravy’ with each entrée.  Personally, I don’t care for the name “Gravy” – call me what you wish.  To me, the name Gravy is a turnoff – I imagine hot, heavy, thick, country gravy or something similar.  It is summer time in hot, humid Savannah and I am trying to do my best to fit into a bathing suit – the last thing I want is some Gravy, right!  But actually the types of “Gravy” offered at Gravy are more suited for the name of “Sauce” or “Condiment” for me – but let’s face it, Condiment would not make a good restaurant name either.   


The lunch menu consists of 2 appetizers (3 if you consider fries an appetizer), 3 salads, 5 sandwiches and 1 sandwich tasting plate where you get 3 of the 5 sandwiches on one plate.  Now the fun starts….You get to pick your choice of ‘gravy’ to accompany your entrée – Ta Da!!! (oh yeah, you can order extra gravy, if you can not decide on just one, for $2 each – quite steep in price considering the tiny ramekin it comes in).  There are 6 gravies to choose from – chicken gravy, roasted garlic cream, andouille sausage gravy, sweet corn cream, spicy remoulade and worchestershire catsup.   


For my lunch I had the Sliders, which are 2 mini hamburgers, one with bacon & Roquefort and the other with lettuce and tomato.  The presentation was nice and the burgers had a good flavor to them.  My gravies of choice (I had two) was the roasted garlic cream and the worchestershire catsup.  Both were ok, but they didn’t knock my socks off.  Another sandwich that we tried was the Grouper Sandwich, which was pretty good, with the spicy remoulade gravy (I personally did not like this gravy).  What I did not understand though is why would they put mayo on a burger or tarter sauce on a sandwich when gravies are offered, I thought that is what the gravies were for??  We also had the Chicken Bites with chicken gravy on little mini biscuits – nothing really exciting about this, actually kind of on the bland side for me. 

My Overall Impression:

Visually, the place is great!  I am not too sure about the lack of service (meaning, they don’t have table service) for lunch.  In other words, it just doesn’t look like a restaurant that would have you order at a counter – I think table service for lunch would be a welcomed change.   I was not too impressed with the whole “Gravy” concept at all.  I would think that the idea would be to have several sauces/gravies that accentuate the dishes in different ways with this noted on the menu (kind of like suggested parings of food with wine).  This could also aid in extending your very small menu due to the fact that the different gravies could have the ability to change the flavor of the entire dish.  But having limited gravy choices without a clue as to which one will taste good with your choice of entrée is kind of defeating the purpose of the concept in my eyes.  

Gravy – 109 Whitaker Street – Savannah, GA 31401