Tough times claims another independent

Everyone knows that the economy is in the toilet lately and we have all seen restaurants come and go.  One of my favorite restaurants have fallen victim to rough economic times just recently and I was very sad to see them serve their last entree the other night.  

The New South Cafe also operates as the in-house caterers for The Mighty 8th Air force Museum in Pooler and will be relocating to Matt Cohen’s New South Pub situated in the Museum.  It seems they are centralizing operations which is a smart business move on their part but still, I am sad to see the Skidaway road location closed as it remains close to my heart.

In the past month I have seen several independent restaurants closing for many different reasons, but I am certain that the economy has not helped matters in each situation.  In these desperate times we all need to be as supportive as we can to independent operators because I have always believed that those are where you find true passion for what they do.

I wish Matt and his wonderful crew the best of luck in their new adventures.  

And for those of you wondering where to eat out – skip the chain restaurant and visit a local, independent restaurant that truly puts their heart and soul on the menu!  Without independent restaurants where will we go to find good, fresh and amazing food!

See you at The Mighty 8th next week.  I will come check out Matt Cohen’s New South Pub!


3 responses to “Tough times claims another independent

  1. I can only second this. PLEASE, let’s all skip the chains and spend our money (or whatever of it remains) on the local, independent restauranteurs. Without them, we eat nothing but pre-fab stuff that remains the same nationwide….usually, with little flavor.

  2. You are not giving Mrs. Wilkes a fair shake. The are THE most southern place in Savannah and has been doing it since WWII!. What do you say IF they are open…implies that there is a problem. Paula D. is a great story but this is also, and in a much more real experience way!

  3. So this isn’t totally off-topic. It’s been a while since Queenie’s to Go Go closed down (so sad, I love it). Lately I’ve noticed that someone is renovating the place and it looks like once again it’s going to be a restaurant. Any word on what it’s going to be and when it will open?

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