Savannah Foody Tours Review

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to go on the Savannah Foodie Tour hosted by Ron Higgins in Savannah.   The tour starts around 11 am from the Savannah Visitors Center but Ron suggests all “Foodies” show up by 10:45am.  We had a full bus with 25 like-minded foodies that went on the tour.


Our first stop was Mom & Nikki’s Soul food located at 714 Martin Luther King Blvd 912-233-7636.  Mom & Nikki’s is a very popular soul food restaurant that is growing each day.  Our “treat” for the day was Southern Shrimp served over creamy grits – a southern tradition that is eaten at all times of the day from breakfast to dinner. 

Second stop was Back in the Day Bakery located at 2403 Bull Street 912-495-9292  which was voted by Savannah Connect as “Best Bakery” for 2008!!  We had the joy of tasting the mini-cupcakes with butter cream icing! Yummy! (and as cute as could be!).  Actually, the Back in the Day bakery was probably the “cutest” little place I have ever seen – very lovely shabby chic decor that served the food to match – I will be visiting this bakery in the future!

Third stop was The New South Cafe located at 2601 Skidaway Road 912-233-7558 .  As you all know, one of my favs.  Just recently The New South Cafe was named 2008 New and Emerging Business of the Year and Chef Matt was name 2008 Best Chef by Savannah Connect!! Congratulations Matt and Staff!  We had the Fried Green Tomatoes which were wonderful of course and an excellent showing of Southern Cuisine for the Tour!!

Fourth stop was Angel’s Barbecue located at 21 West Oglethorpe Lane 912-495-0902 .  Serving up some Memphis Style Barbecue in a truly unique setting.  This little hole in the wall (that is a good comment, I promise!) is kind of like the Vinnie Van Go Go’s of Barbecue in Savannah.  The food is excellent and the walls are decorated with so much tacky and fun stuff and lights it makes this place really stand out as a ‘one of a kind’ joint!!

Fifth stop was Savannah’s Candy Kitchen located in City Market at 318 W. St. Julian Street .  We stopped off and had some samples of the taffy, ice cream and left with a gift bag that included a praline.  Tourist love this place – being from Savannah, kind of boring, but still yummy! I thought this stop left something to be desired personally.  There was no personal touch like most other stops, but what do I know.

Sixth Stop was at The Paris Market located at 36 W. Broughton Street .  I kind of thought this was an odd stop being that it is not a restaurant, but we had some lovely frozen hot chocolate that was cute and tasty, plus we got to do some shopping if we chose to.  Personally, this is another of my favorite places in Savannah – not for the food, but in general, this place is beautiful and everything in it is beautiful – I fell in love with The Paris Market when it arrived in Savannah and still love it today!  Now I know they have some lovely beverages and tea cakes, I will have one while I shop! Cool.

Last stop…can you guess….

Of course it was Paula Deen’s The Lady and Sons located at 102 West Congress Street .  Suprisingly we didn’t have to wait in line!! We were handed a little styro bowl as we walked in and our treat was to fill our little mini bowl from her Southern Buffet!  Kind of cheesey I thought, but still, I loaded my bowl with veggie casserole, sweet potatoes and mac & cheese.  Ok, Ok – it was tasty, but I kind of felt like cows being led through the feeding line, just to be whisked out the door to eat my greasy treats on the sidewalk!!  There is nothing that I would rather do in 100 degree heat but eat some hot – fattening Thanksgiving style side dishes!  Not what I expected at all.

Tour is done…

Now, my thoughts on the Tour in General.  I think it is a fabulous idea.  I would like to see more “foodie” type of information leading to and from each stop and I would have loved to have more interaction from each of the stops – there was only a couple that I noticed that gave that personal interaction.  Ron is great and I believe that it is his personality that carries the tour.  He is a wealth of information with the Movie business so I would love to go on that tour as well.  

I would recommend this tour to any foodies or non-foodies coming to Savannah.  This is a great way to see the city, taste some good food and to be exposed to several neighborhoods and restaurants in one tour!!  Ron, keep up the great work!!

The website for the tours – All of them can be booked from this site.


6 responses to “Savannah Foody Tours Review

  1. Ron’s tour was lots of fun. He has a very charming personality, and we enjoyed his picture clips. We really enjoyed the Chocolate shop where the Owner really educated us about chocolate. We did NOT enjoy Lady and Sons as we were give ONLY ONE CHOICE from the buffet..(which actually did not look particularly fresh or inviting). I did not like being led to a tiny corner of the restuarant to eat from our small bowl. The place was empty and there was plenty of seating for us. I sure would have liked to have some Fried Green tomatoes. I saw this had been featured on a previous Foody Tour.

  2. My mom and I went on the foody tour last April. Ron was a terrific and delightful tour guide. Loved the grits and shrimp stop. I wish we had done this tour on our first day instead of our last as I would have like to have gone back to Mom and Niki’s and Back in the day bakery in Savannah i would highly recommend this tour.

  3. I will be your city in sept. hope to most of it.
    vickey meyer

  4. We did not have the same experience that this author did. Our tour guide was good, she did her job. But we were offered things like a tomato sandwich and a small sample pastry. We also had the please of attending a honey tasting. Once we arrived, we realized that it was a FREE honey tasting. For $56 per person, we had the same experience as anyone off the street.

    This was definitely not worth the money, very disappointing.

  5. My wife and I went on this tour about 10 days ago while on our honeymoon. It was our 5th day in Savannah so we had already sampled a lot of great local food, but we thought it would be well worth it. Cindy was our tour guide and she was great. The 1st stop was The Distillery. We were treated to some of the best sliders Ive ever had, and we could get small samples of beer. Unfortunately the tour went down hill from there. We stopped at a bakery and got a small piece of a danish, then the owner gave away any left overs to other people there. We went to a farm market and got half a tomato sandwhich. A stop at a honey store to sample honey that anyone off the street could do for free. The chocolate shop was great but we were warned not to buy any as the heat was extreme and the bus would be turned off for the last 2 stops. But we did get to sample 3 small pieces of chocolate. The final stop was Paula Deen’s. We got to fill a small container of 1 item off the buffet. They say this tour is like a lunch, more like an appetizer. Also good luck getting a drink after the 1st stop, unless you want to pay extra for one. Oh we also stopped at Angle’s BBQ, we got a TINY cup of pulled pork, and by tiny I mean the size a salad dressing would come in. You did get to add your own BBQ sauce. For $56 I expected a lot more. Also turnes out you can go to Angles and get this size sample free anytime. Youd be better off asking a local, or your hotel staff about good local places to eat and spend your money there.

  6. My six girl friends and I were excited to participate in the foody tour and ended disappointed!
    Cindy our tour guide was funny and the best part of the tour.
    We all loved the Distillery, the bartender was great and the slidders the best, what was that sauce? On to sample shrimp over grits, a treat and unique for this girl originally from NY, on to the candy store for a sample of three chocolates, my group loved this stop, but not expected on this tour.
    We then stopped for a half of a tomatoe sandwich on “Wonder” bread, made with NC tomatoes not local as we were told, I saw the sign, at a produce stand, this stop seemed weird to me!
    The Paris Market for frozen hot chocolate and Honey store for sample tasting I could have done on my own for the price of the cup of chocolate, honey was FREE to anyone.
    Then on to The Lady and Sons, very disappointed….a container of one item off the table, the six of us all picked different items so we could sample a few foods, that’s what friends do, instructed to pick ONLY one item. I picked one item and still got “scolded” by a gal watching the table, her name was “Jellyroll”, as she thought I was taking a second item as I filled my container of mac and cheese.
    We were sent to the bus to eat and told “it would be cool and more comfortable than the restaurant”, someone might believe that line!
    Offered water in the first two places and then we went drinkless, unless we had a beer with us from the Distillery.
    Spend your food money at The Pirate House or The Old Pink House, great food and great employees.

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