Southern Food in Savannah – Served in Many Places

Each week I check my stats on this website to see what the most viewed post is and every week it is the same…My review of The Lady and Son’s (Paula Deen’s restaurant) in Savannah.  I suppose I can understand this being that Paula Deen is everywhere you look now days, but it concerns me slightly to think that people visit Savannah for some good southern food thinking that The Lady and Son’s is the ONLY place in town that serves traditional “Southern” food –


Savannah is located in the South, therefore there are many great restaurants to get your fill of Collard Greens, Fried Chicken, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, etc.  

No one, I repeat, no one should have to stand on the sidewalk in the sweltering heat of Savannah in the summer hoping to get a seat at The Lady and Sons.  I have received several comments from my earlier post of The Lady and Sons and this is the number one complaint.  If you find your vacation taking you to Savannah for some southern food, here are some other options for you that are really good – and you won’t have to break a sweat waiting in line like cattle… 

The New South Cafe – obviously one of my favorites! Well, well worth every penny! It is on the “Foody Tour” stop for Southern Food!! 

Mrs. Wilkes – Savannah tradition (if it is still open).  You can always get takeout through the backdoor in the lane behind the restaurant! Good value! 

The Holland House – I have heard through the grapevine this one is as good and less crowded than Mrs. Wilkes – check it out.   

Sweet Potatoes – fun, quirky little place – with great food I must add!   

Keep an open mind while dining, don’t follow the crowd EVERYWHERE!  Meaning, Savannah is a beautiful city with some wonderful restaurants and excellent Chefs that can cook some fantastic dishes  – check them out! 

I will add the addresses and phone numbers of the restaurants that I have listed soon.Enjoy! 


4 responses to “Southern Food in Savannah – Served in Many Places

  1. Chad Harrison Ford

    Great Reading! Timely too because it’s that time of year for my S.O. and I to start researching where we’re going to eat on our annual trip to “our special place – Savannah.” Last year around this time you had a quick snippet on The New South Cafe and we trekked over there for dinner – and were blow away! Being from Cincinnati we get some fine chefs up here…but Savannah is truly blessed to have Matt & Scott cooking. And Terri and I are fortunate we found your website…you rock GG!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful comment! I wish I had time to post more reviews but I am busy with life! I am glad you found a jewel with Matt and Scott!! Happy eating!

  3. Jackie Tarpinian

    Is Cow Patio still in Savannah. We were there in 2003 and had the absolutely BEST meatloaf sandwiches with cranberry sauce spread across it. We (I am a travel agent) are sending more people down now for a little holiday and am suggesting different places to eat in addition to the traditional Paula Dean, etc.

  4. I think you are referring to 606 Cafe where the…well, ONE of the “themes” throughout the restaurant was Cow prints!! As well as the antique bras and panties hanging from the celing, fish swiming in bowls and lava lamps on the tables and you are correct!!! THE Best Meatloaf sandwich ever!! I talk about that all the time. Anyway…unfortunatly they closed in Savannah but they have reopened in Richmond Hill, about 25 minutes south of Savannah! Check them out.

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