Gravy – New Savannah Restaurant

Yesterday we visited “Gravy”, the newly opened restaurant downtown on Whitaker Street that was formerly occupied by Sawyers.  I had never been to Sawyers, so I am not sure what the inside of the restaurant used to look like, but now the space is quite lovely.  The colors are very neutral, the décor is simple (in a good way!) and the large chalk boards displaying the dinner menu is a great idea – so props to the decorator – job well done.  


The idea of “Gravy” is that you get your choice of ‘gravy’ with each entrée.  Personally, I don’t care for the name “Gravy” – call me what you wish.  To me, the name Gravy is a turnoff – I imagine hot, heavy, thick, country gravy or something similar.  It is summer time in hot, humid Savannah and I am trying to do my best to fit into a bathing suit – the last thing I want is some Gravy, right!  But actually the types of “Gravy” offered at Gravy are more suited for the name of “Sauce” or “Condiment” for me – but let’s face it, Condiment would not make a good restaurant name either.   


The lunch menu consists of 2 appetizers (3 if you consider fries an appetizer), 3 salads, 5 sandwiches and 1 sandwich tasting plate where you get 3 of the 5 sandwiches on one plate.  Now the fun starts….You get to pick your choice of ‘gravy’ to accompany your entrée – Ta Da!!! (oh yeah, you can order extra gravy, if you can not decide on just one, for $2 each – quite steep in price considering the tiny ramekin it comes in).  There are 6 gravies to choose from – chicken gravy, roasted garlic cream, andouille sausage gravy, sweet corn cream, spicy remoulade and worchestershire catsup.   


For my lunch I had the Sliders, which are 2 mini hamburgers, one with bacon & Roquefort and the other with lettuce and tomato.  The presentation was nice and the burgers had a good flavor to them.  My gravies of choice (I had two) was the roasted garlic cream and the worchestershire catsup.  Both were ok, but they didn’t knock my socks off.  Another sandwich that we tried was the Grouper Sandwich, which was pretty good, with the spicy remoulade gravy (I personally did not like this gravy).  What I did not understand though is why would they put mayo on a burger or tarter sauce on a sandwich when gravies are offered, I thought that is what the gravies were for??  We also had the Chicken Bites with chicken gravy on little mini biscuits – nothing really exciting about this, actually kind of on the bland side for me. 

My Overall Impression:

Visually, the place is great!  I am not too sure about the lack of service (meaning, they don’t have table service) for lunch.  In other words, it just doesn’t look like a restaurant that would have you order at a counter – I think table service for lunch would be a welcomed change.   I was not too impressed with the whole “Gravy” concept at all.  I would think that the idea would be to have several sauces/gravies that accentuate the dishes in different ways with this noted on the menu (kind of like suggested parings of food with wine).  This could also aid in extending your very small menu due to the fact that the different gravies could have the ability to change the flavor of the entire dish.  But having limited gravy choices without a clue as to which one will taste good with your choice of entrée is kind of defeating the purpose of the concept in my eyes.  

Gravy – 109 Whitaker Street – Savannah, GA 31401



7 responses to “Gravy – New Savannah Restaurant

  1. You know, we’ve walked by that place a lot and I have been curious about eating there. You’ve cleared that up for me! 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Has Gravy’s gone out of business? They’ve been closed for over three weeks and the voice mail service is so full it is not accepting new messages.

  3. It would not supprise me, but that I am not sure of. i will keep my eye out on this one – very interesting!

  4. Where oh Where did Gravy Go?????
    I noticed that the signs now have been replaced with the Sawyer signs that were there before Gravy?? So, one can only assume that Gravy is a joint of the past – so long Gravy.

  5. Someone told me it moved to Montgomery or MLK or something, but I’m not sure if that’s true or not!

  6. Its true Its true!! They are opening soon on MLK! 🙂

  7. Gravy has now changed to Bistro Burger or Backyard Bistro or something to that effect…I had a turkey burger from there it was actually very, very good! I was quite suprised. Lots of flavor – excellent! Sorry for not knowing the name – someone brought me the burger…

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