Review of Isaac’s on Drayton – Savannah

Isaac’s on Drayton was my destination the other night and luckily we had quite a large group so I was able to try many dishes.  Before I get to that, first, let’s talk atmosphere.   

I remember the location from the days that Churchill’s occupied it and was expecting the same dark, crowded, sort of cozy, fun ‘bar’ feel about it, but Isaac’s is not that ‘type’ of restaurant.  Isaac’s on Drayton is aiming, I believe, for a more upscale environment.  The décor was nice, colors were pleasing and artwork was ‘historic’.  Nice also is the fact that they have a small dining area upstairs for private parties as well as a very nice deck upstairs for outside seating which is great. 

Now, on to the food…Keep in mind I did NOT eat ALL of these appetizers by myself…I had a lot of help – just wanted to clarify that J! 

For the appetizers we had The Plantation Crab Cakes served on a puddle of roasted red pepper sauce, blue cheese & toasted pecan slaw – just ok for me.  In the Savannah world of Crab Cakes, I have had much, much better, but also much worse – for me, it was a little too much filler, but the flavor was nice. The Beef Roulade – very small, but several on the plate – the flavor was ok but they were kind of tough and not very exciting.  And last was the Baked Spinach & Cheese Dip and The Crab Au Gratin – both were very good – then again, smother anything in cheese and it puts a smile on my face! 

For my entrée I had “The Left Hook” – Pecan & Almond Encrusted Yellow Fin Tuna topped with Georgia Peach compound butter.  For me, I wish the Pecan & Almond “crust” would have been a less ‘ground’.  What I mean is that it was barely distinguishable as a ‘nut’ crust at all and they were so finely processed (into a powder) that it did not allow for any of the wonderful nutty flavor or texture to be had.  The cut of the Tuna was not the best, but it was cooked perfectly (rare) and the flavor of the tuna was good although, mine did not have any Georgia Peach compound butter on it, maybe the kitchen had ran out or just forgot it, so, it might have been a little more exciting with the Peach butter. 

For dessert we wanted the Crème Brule, but the torch was not working we were told, so we opted for the Chocolate Indulgence, which was pretty good – it’s Chocolate – of course it was good, right!! 

My overall experience was ok, just ok.  The appetizer price ranges are from $6 – $13 and their entrée price ranges are from $17 – $30.  Isaac’s has some good potential, but I think they need to work on the execution and development of their menu in order to gain respect from the locals and get repeat business from them. 

I will plan on coming back to check out Isaac’s on Drayton at another time. 


6 responses to “Review of Isaac’s on Drayton – Savannah

  1. Let me know when you go back, I’d love to join you! My man had the oysters there and was not impressed. He did enjoy the meatloaf sandwich though, but it’s not hard for him to love some meatloaf! 🙂

  2. Sure thing, anytime. Would love to! It would be great to get additional opinions on the spot!

  3. I am in town for the weekend and had planned to eat at Isaac’s for dinner. Judging by yur review that maynot be the best choice. Where would you recommend for a good semi-casual environment with tasty food to satisfy both seafood and chicken lovers?

  4. Garibaldis, The New South Cafe and Il Pasticcio are all great restaurants that everyone should check out. I sent you an email with more info.

  5. Way overpriced! The food was mediocre and they are a ripoff!! I do not mind paying for something good, but they just robbed me last night! Being from Western Pa myself, I wanted to try them out and give them my support, but I will never go there again and neither will anyone in the group that was with me. They are just another over priced tourist trap in Savannah that all of the locals get sick of!

  6. Hi – I live here in Savannah and have worked part time in restaurants as a server for over 15 years…my dining experience at Isaac’s was terrible. The food was ok…the service was probably the worst ever. I won’t get into too many details – but a general overview: seating was available on the top deck, until we got up there. The “manager” squeezed 5 of us at a 2 top. The server eventually took our order and when after 35 min. I asked when the appetizers would arrive – he blankly looked at me and said in a minute. 5 min. later the entrees arrived – no appetizers. We had no silverware or condiments – server said he would be right back with them and never returned. Another server finally got them for us. This is how the evening went. I would not suggest to anyone that you dine here. There are many ways to “control” damage and no one even tried.

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