Review – Sam Snead’s Tavern – Savannah

Today I visited Sam Snead’s Tavern for lunch with a couple of friends.  I have grown into kind of a “chain” snob, meaning that I don’t really care for most of the chain restaurants now days, due to the fact that most of them taste like prepackage, frozen food that is dressed up to make you think they actually have a real chef in the kitchen, when really, anyone could do the job.  Don’t get me wrong, the good thing about chains is you know what you are getting – There are no surprises, no mysteries and no matter what location you go to, you will be getting the same dish, so for that, there is a comforting feeling of going to a chain restaurant. 

Sam Snead’s is a small chain consisting of 13 locations, mostly in Florida, but a few others scattered about – and of course, they mostly reside near a golf course.  If you are an avid golfer, you know who Sam Snead is and if you are a not a golfer, more than likely you still know the name.  Here are some stats: 

  • According to the PGA Tour points system, Sam Snead is the #1 ranked golfer of all time.
  • Snead has won tournaments throughout 6 decades.
  • He has set 164 course records.
  • He has made a hole-in-one with EVERY club in his bag except the putter!
  • He has had 34 holes-in-one and 4 double eagles.
  • Snead finished in the Top 10 358 times, and in the Top 25 473 times.


Ok, back to the restaurant.  The reason I listed these major accomplishments and proof of ‘greatness’ is that a restaurant with his name attached to it would need to reflect him. 

First walking in, the décor is very classy, lots of dark wood and of course, golf paraphernalia scattered about, but not overly exposed.  I had the Oak Grilled Chicken Flat Bread with Roasted Red Peppers, Goat Cheese and a Balsamic Glaze.  The Flat Bread is kind of like a pizza, but it is very thin and served on a narrow plank about 2 feet long and cut into strips – how cool is that!!  The flavor was wonderful, the texture was crispy and the presentation was fantastic.   

Some other things on the menu sound great as well, such as the Alpine Chicken with spinach, wild mushrooms, Emmenthaler swiss cheese and basil red skin mashed potatoes; the Gulf Shrimp and Maine Lobster Capellini in a light tomato cream sauce; and the Fresh Grilled Mahi-Mahi with cilantro line butter and yellow rice! I will be back to try some of these. 

Overall, this is a very classy, not an overexposed reflection of one of the greatest golfers in history.  The menu is fantastic, the décor is lovely and the overall experience hit the spot.  This is a great restaurant chain that truly is a reflection of Sam Snead in all of his ‘greatness’.  A must visit for golfers and non-golfers alike! 

Sam Snead’s Tavern

7 Sylvester C. Formey Drive

Savannah, GA


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