Jazz’d Tapas Bar – Savannah GA

I was able to visit Jazz’d Tapas Bar last week to celebrate my birthday with a few friends.  The atmosphere at Jazz’d is hip, cool, sleek yet amazingly comfortable.  The setting is very stylish and attractive, which I would be willing to guess the patrons that frequent Jazz’d is to match.  Of course, when we went, it was the middle of the week, so there was not much of a crowd at that time, but it did not matter – I was with my own crowd, and that was plenty! 

The menus (and I say that plural due to the extensive drink menu as well as the Tapas menu) are fun, lively and interesting.  The only difficult choice you will make while you are there is what outstanding item to choose as your delightful treasure for the evening.   

I started with the yummy, fabulous Caramel Apple Martini (I could not resist)!  I had this last time also, but it was so tasty – what a better way to start the evening.  Jazz’d does have a fabulous wine list along with their flavored and classic martinis and Jazz’d specialties.  I was able to taste the Mango Mojito also (I will be ordering that as my first drink on the next visit – yummy!).  

For our Tapas choices, we ordered a few different ones and shared.  Which is how Tapas is meant to be eaten anyway.   The Baked Cheese Terra Cotta Plate was my favorite.  It has 4 seasonal cheeses baked to melting, served with roasted garlic, fresh fruit and toasted baguettes.  The cheese was excellent.  I am not positive what the names of the cheeses were, but they were different (in a fantastic way), and when garlic is roasted it actually turns sweet and mild – wonderful addition to the cheeses.  The Mediterranean Shrimp Scampi consisted of shrimp and chorizo sautéed in garlic butter served over fried beefsteak tomato with olives and feta.  Don’t let the garlic scare you.  Like I said, have it, share it, then no one really has garlic breath!!  It is worth it – very, very good.  We also had the Cuban Rubbed Beef Satays and the Chicken Lettuce Wrap.  Both of these were very good, they just didn’t make me say “wow” like the other choices that we sampled. Basically, for a lovely, entertaining place to have good conversation, fabulous drinks and tasty Tapas – this is a wonderful, wonderful establishment.  The prices are within reason given the quality of food and drink that they offer.   

The outstanding thing about Jazz’d is you could go every week, enjoy some great music and hopefully great company and never have the same combination of food and drink twice.

Jazz’d Tapas Bar

Jazz’d Tapas Bar –52 Barnard St-Savannah, GA 31401 – 912-236-7777



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