J.Christopher’s – Hitting the Nail on the Head!


Quite some time ago on my drive to work everyday, I would pass a building that in my mind would make for a great restaurant location.  The building was in need of some tender loving care, but it had character and it was in a great location.  It was an old garage on Liberty Street that looked from the outside not to be much, but in my mind I could see that it could be a very lucrative spot for a fun restaurant.   

As time went by I could see that someone had obtained this location and was developing it as a restaurant, I was very interested to see what would be done with it and would my vision come to light. 

That spot is now home to J.Christopher’s, serving breakfast, brunch and lunch everyday from 7 am to 2 pm.  And I might say, doing it quite well, to say the least (And yes, not only did my vision come to light, it has exceeded all of my expectations I am proud to say!) 

I have been here several times and my opinion of it has not changed from the first visit.  The restaurant has every quality that a great establishment should have.  The décor is fun, bright and fresh and the whole atmosphere of the restaurant in general is fast paced yet relaxing, friendly and inviting.  The staff is attentive and all are dressed in brightly colored shirts which add to the wonderful colors the restaurant displays in their interesting artwork that decks the walls from top to bottom.  They also have outside seating that is wonderful in Savannah and a plus for any dining establishment. 

I have had several items on the menu ranging from breakfast to lunch and all have been very pleasing to the taste buds as well as to the eye.  Although, you should not think of this as just an ordinary “Breakfast” joint, the menu if very diverse – ranging from omelets, eggs Benedict (several different ways), skillet combos, wonderful salads & soups  and great sandwiches.  They also have Seasonal Favorites such as Crème Brule French Toast, Chocolate Crepes, Praline Waffle, Roasted Pork Reuben and Kahlua Waffle!! Yummy!!!  

 J.Christopher’s is by far, my favorite breakfast/brunch restaurant and when you do try it, if you haven’t already, I am confident you will feel the same way.  During the weekend, there could possibly be a wait for seating, but they also have a little ‘breakfast bar’ area you can sit at that accommodates diners not requiring a booth or table and for this, there is not usually a wait, at least not as long (And by the way, if there is a wait – it is worth it!). 

Overall, this restaurant is a must-visit place that should be frequented by locals as well as those visiting Savannah.  I highly recommend this restaurant and while you are there take the time to enjoy and soak in everything it has to offer – great food, fantastic atmosphere and a delightful staff!  The experience totally makes you feel like you witnessing the beginning of a neighborhood classic! 

  J.Christopher’s Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch – 122 E. Liberty StreetSavannah, GA 31401 – 912-236-74947 am – 2 pm – 7 days a week


(They also have 12 Metro Atlanta locations and one in
Tampa, FL !!)


One response to “J.Christopher’s – Hitting the Nail on the Head!

  1. Had Brunch there on Tuesday and wow! Loved the atmosphere and food. Great skillet brunches. And the J.Christopher Eggs Benedict was superb.


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