The Sapphire Grill – Savannah, GA

The Sapphire GrillThe Sapphire Grill

The Sapphire Grill has received some very high reviews from quite a few prestigious sources, so my curiosity has been peaked to find out first hand how this restaurant stands up against many of the other fine restaurants in

I went last night and had a couple of appetizers so I could get a feel for the restaurant in general and taste a few items on the menu.    My first appetizer was the Benne Encrusted Calamari & Ginger Coriander Pesto, Ponzu, Spicy Peanuts & Fresh Lime Juice which was wonderful.  The Calamari was crispy but not over cooked, the Ginger Coriander Pesto was full of flavor and a beautiful color of green and the dipping sauce was spectacular – If I had a spoon, I would have eaten it like a soup!   I also had the Sapphire Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes & Ultra Bowtie Greens with Caper Coral Aioli & Lobster Oil.  Crab Cakes in Savannah have so many variations depending where you go and everyone has a slightly different take on what makes a good crab cake so I was intrigued to find out “The Sapphire Grill” spin on these.  The appetizer consisted of 2 good sized crab cakes consisting of nice jumbo lump crab, which is sometimes hard to find in a crab cake, most restaurants just use lump meat or claw meat due to the high price of jumbo lump crab meat.  The crab cakes had a very nice texture & taste to them which was accented beautifully by the caper coral aioli & lobster oil which added a depth to the overall flavor. 

The atmosphere of The Sapphire Grill had a sleek, trendy feel about it that is set off with the exposed brick walls, nice artwork and the subtle lighting.  The staff was very friendly, attentive, attractive and knowledgeable.  The prices are on the high end of the scale but for the quality of the food that is offered, the culinary skills that are necessary to create such wonderful dishes and the great atmosphere, you are getting a first class dining experience. The Chef/Owner, Christopher Nason has done a spectacular job of blending all of the components of his restaurant to create an overall master theme of fresh, regional and local ingredients set in a modern, classy, upscale atmosphere.  

I believe Chris and The Sapphire Grill have been ahead of the trend curve in dining for along time now.  With the “organic” movement that is about to burst out on the scene in a major way, The Sapphire Grill is one step ahead. 

The Sapphire Grill110 West Congress Street – Savannah, GA 31401 (912)-443-9962


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