Il Pasticcio’s – Savannah GA

The restaurant business is a very tricky monster as I am sure anyone that has dabbled in that business would agree.  There are so many moving parts that are all responsible in one way or another for the success of a restaurant.  Depending how successful you want your establishment to be will determine the amount of time you spend into researching the details that backup those moving parts.  That is not to say there is a guarantee of success by any means, but I believe there is a better chance of success if you do your homework prior to even making the decision to open a restaurant and also be willing to take chances in some areas.  That homework part of the equation and the fear to take some risks is where I believe some people make mistakes.   
In Savannah, we have some great restaurants and I believe we have the ability to have many more.  Some ‘Greats’ are Elizabeth’s on 37th, The Olde Pink House, Garibaldi’s – really…is there anything wrong with these restaurants?? In my mind – absolutely not!  These are established, long time respected, admired and loved by just about everyone and anyone who goes there.  They have ‘earned’ their spot on top with the consistency of excellent service, great atmosphere and outstanding food. 


I went to Il Pasticcio this week and in my mind should be grouped with the Savannah ‘Greats’ but for some different reasons.  Il Pasticcio has the same qualities such as excellent service, great atmosphere and outstanding food that the Top 3 have, but I believe they did their homework well and they took risks where needed.  When Il Pasticcio came to Savannah it stood out in the crowd, I was not sure Savannah was ready for it.  It had sort of a ‘cutting edge’ design to it – a little more of a modern style in a city based on Historical features and it was located on Broughton Street – where, at that time, there were not a lot of upscale businesses to mirror the atmosphere Il Pasticcio was creating.  As you can see, these were risky business decisions that have paid off tremendously.  

Thankfully, it has survived the transition of Broughton Streetand has been embraced by locals and tourist looking for an excellent dining experience.  Il Pasticcio has filled a void for diners that was needed in Savannah.  This is not to say it has hurt the other great restaurants in Savannah, if anything, I believe it has made ‘dining out’ in Savannah even more pleasurable knowing you have several fantastic restaurants to choose from ranging from historical to modern, classic to contemporary – whatever your style may be, the dining experience will not only satisfy, but impress you.

Thanks for homework well done and risks being taken!! You have earned your spot in the top!

IL Pasticcio
2 East Broughton Street

Savannah, Georgia 31410



One response to “Il Pasticcio’s – Savannah GA

  1. Always a hit with me. Great wait-staff and never disappointed with the food. Ciao Bella,


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