Paula Deen/The Lady & Sons – Savannah GA

Let me start by saying hard work, persistence, dedication, good taste, talent and timing has a lot to do with success in the restaurant business.  Paula Deen has shown, not just Savannah this, but she is on the verge of showing the rest of the world this as well.  

I have put a lot of thought into the success of Paula Deen with her restaurant, TV shows, cook books, magazine, etc. and sometimes, for the life of me, I just can’t understand it.  I can’t understand the hordes of people that gather around the entrance of The Lady and Sons or why her magazine is #1 at Barnes and Nobel – it IS just Southern cooked food, right… 

Well, not really.  It really is MUCH more than that.  I now understand…

I went to The Lady and Sons for lunch today to see what the hype is all about.  Now, first off, I would not say this is a restaurant that locals would visit on a regular basis, but I would say this is a place everyone should visit at least once and then the next time, bring someone that has never been there before.  

Why – because, you just have to…what else can I say.  It is everything you would expect and much, much more.   

After you are seated you are brought their famous Cheddar Biscuits and Hoe Cakes to munch on while you are waiting – is there really a better way to start a meal – the Cheddar Biscuits are addictive, but do save room, you will be thankful!!  We had the Fried Green Tomatoes for an appetizer – they were perfect – light, crispy, tart and very flavorful, excellent.  For lunch and dinner there is the Southern Buffet that will satisfy anyone craving really good fried chicken, collard greens, lima beans and the best smelling sweet potatoes in the world (in my opinion…I almost got the buffet just for these) and the menu which you can order off of.  I opted for the menu.   I ordered the Tilapia Sandwich that was blackened to perfection and slathered with a homemade peach glaze….I would go back any day of the week for this sandwich, it blew me away.  The sweetness of the peach glaze with the spiciness of the blackened spices – it was perfect.  I am stuffed right now, but I could not put the sandwich down…it was THAT good. I also was able to partake in the Asparagus Sandwich that was served on toasted pumpernickel bread topped with jack cheese, purple onion and Thousand Island dressing which is a wonderful sandwich with a great flavor and texture – excellent choice for vegetarians or those wanting a lighter fare. 

Bottom line, the food was great.  The atmosphere was comfortable and inviting.  She has done a wonderful job at pulling together a large restaurant and making it feel like “home”.  The staff was perfect – friendly, charming and attentive.  Keep in mind that you will have to wait to be seated and served, but if you go into it knowing this and expecting it, it should not bother you. 

**I might add that Harry Connick Jr. was there having lunch as well.   

Now, there is no doubt that Paula Deen has worked hard alongside her 2 sons for quite some time and her story tells of this journey.   At times, I might not have understood the attraction, but I do respect it completely. Paula Deen has proven that if you work hard enough, if you have the love and passion in your heart for something, if you keep your dream alive and do not lose sight of your goal (and a bit of luck comes your way) you will, one day, be rewarded in life by seeing your dreams come true in one way or another.  The Lady & Sons 102 West Congress St.
Savannah, GA


47 responses to “Paula Deen/The Lady & Sons – Savannah GA

  1. Barbara Chapman

    I have been a Paula Deen fan for as long as she
    has been on the Food Network. Her cookbooks are exciting and recipes are fabulous! Every recipe I have tried has turned out fabulous! Consquently….
    one of my stongest desires was to visit the Lady & Sons Restaurant in Savannah after our time spent in Florida this winter. Much to my dismay, parking downtown was horrendous. At 2:15 p.m., I walked to the already very long line (about 100 persons in front of me)-stood in line until 4:30 p.m. to be able to obtain an 8:45 p.m. seating time. This was not a problem, as my husband and I are late diners (from 7:00 to 9:00) is fine with us. However, we were VERY disappointed with the food. The crab cake entre’
    which I ordered was very average (supposed to be a specialty of the house). The fried greens were delicious, however. My husband’s potpie was so rich that he could not consume much of it. The bread, which would have been delicious had it been hot, was COLD. The experience was so disappointing to us. I will continue to watch Paula Deen on TV and buy her cookbooks; but would not recommend her restaurant to anyone.It was also very sad for me to think about the many people lined up behind me who had waited and waited only to be told that “there was no room at the Inn”. It is irrelevant to me that the food was not the quality which I expected, but that so many wasted their time in line. There must be a better way to allow persons interested in eating there to be permitted to secure a time slot for their desired meal. There was a young lady in line in front of me who lived in Charleston, South Carolina (in town for the day). With her was her husband, 3 year old son, and mother and father in law. She waited the same length of time as me (2 hours and 15 minutes), only to be told that the only seating available for them was the 8:45 seating. That, obviously, was unacceptable, because of the age of her son and the distance to drive that night to their home in Charleston. I would have so loved to have written an all positive comment review…but it was not to be.

  2. My husband and two sons just returned from Savannah, GA where we spent 2 days during spring break. The reason for our trip was to take the Paula Deen tour offered by the Old Savannah Tour company and to eat at The Lady and Sons. We took the tour and were given a reservation card to call The Lady and Sons to make a reservation. We were lucky enough to get lunch reservations for the next day. We were only at the restaraunt for 20 mins. before being called inside to be seated. We were seated in the 3rd floor dining room which my kids thought was just great. Each of us had the buffet lunch and were very pleased. Everything was delicious!! I would recommend The Lady and Sons to anyone but recommend taking the Paula Deen tour first.

  3. I ate supper at The Lady and Sons June 1st with family. We were in Savannah for the weekend. My cousin was in line before 2:30 that afternoon and was able to get us in to eat at 5:00. There’s got to be a better way of getting folks in the resturant. Reservations are accepted for groups of 10 or more, perhaps they should be accepted for all. All of us ordered the buffet. It was good for the most part, but a little pricey for what it is. The cheese biscuits and hoe cakes that were served were cold, so can’t say if I would recommend them or not. The sweet tea could be improved on. The desserts that come with the buffet are good, but very small portions. If you’re a Paula Deen fan give the The Lady and Sons a try. But as I’ve had many tell me this week there are alot of great restuarants in Savannah with much better food and service.

  4. I remember when Paula moved the boys downtown… back then you could get in without a wait. Food was good but nothing great. Only thing that has changed today is the wait… Thank you Food Channel. Don’t see locals eating there, only tourists. For me it is a bit overrated. Will never stand on line that long…. not even for the French Laundry in CA or Veritas in NY for that matter, and certainly not for some good ol’ Southern food my mother-in-law can cook up in her kitchen. Remember Nita’s? She rocked. Sorry Paula.


  5. JP, Nita’s is now open on 41 Street, in the Starland District. She will be one of 9 locations our Foody Tour will visit, and yes, you will get samples of food at each locations. Yes, you will be filled at the end of the tour. While ridding on the bus to a location, you will see that location on the LCD screens on the bus when it was featured on the Food Network. Tasting and touring Savannah at the same time. What better way to see a city.

  6. Hey Y’all, the Lady & Sons is one of 8 locations featured on the Foody Tours Savannah. No waiting to get in here. This location mixes things up, because you get to choose one food item off the buffet. You won’t be thinking about dinner after the Foody Tour.

  7. We really enjoyed eating at Lady & Sons. My husband wasn’t too thrilled about the line to get dinner reservations & complained about having to wait until 8 to eat. In fact, he tried to get me to change my mind & eat somewhere else. His attitude changed after he had the food. It was great! — DH

  8. I’m about to give up on the Lady and Sons Restaurant. I’ve sent them several emails, no response. I’ve sent them several faxes, no response. I’ve been trying to call them all day, you can’t talk to anyone. What I’m trying to find out is, once you stand in line and they “take your name”, do you get a reservation time?

  9. Kathy T.D. via Macon Ga. Kiss FL.

    All These Food Critic’s have never been to Savannah.If so ., They’d have known that the Parking does stank.And everything Is overpriced.So what-I just want to meet Paula Deen.Ya’ll can say what ya want but , she’s what’s Happenin NOW people.And I’m not related. .

  10. Bill,

    We got in line around 5 for reservations. The line was long but after 20-30 minutes we got to the point where they were actully taken names. We were then given a time to return for dinner. We returned about 20 minutes early and were able to get in early because we were willing to sit at the bar.

  11. Just a FYI – I am from Savannah and currently live here now.

  12. I just returned from my visit to Lady & Sons. I waited in line for 1 hour and ten minutes and got a 2:30 lunch reservation. We all got the buffet and were disappointed – all found the food to be extremely salty and greasy (yes, I know, Southern cooking…..). The service was very slow, waitress was a bit rude and there was a very long line for the ladies room. All in all, I wish that we had chosen a different restaurant. Definately not worth the bother of standing in line.

  13. Polly, try The New South Cafe for some really great, southern inspired food – it is one of my favorites! Lunch and dinner are both great. I did a review on them (a couple actually) check it out. I think you will enjoy it!
    Happy dining!

  14. We had dinner at the lady & sons this past Saturday and I must say I was sorely disappointed. Even though we had reservations we still had to endure a long wait. Like other reviewers the bread was served cold and lacked any taste. The buffet was also a huge disappointment and the tea was not very southern either. We were offered a minuscule spoon of dessert of our choice. Again we were disappointed. I had the gooey chocolate cake which was anything but gooey-extremely dry. For what we paid we did not receive the benefits and to pay the amount of gratuity ($13) we had to pay for buffet service was ridiculous. We had a party of nine and all the waiter did was bring us drinks. I would not recommend Lady & Sons to anyone looking for a real down home southern cooked meal. Unless you have a lot of money to throw away stay away from this restaurant.

  15. sounds good

  16. I haven’t even been yet. Were coming in a couple of weeks. After reading the reviews have no desire to come even though I have been a Paula fan. I too have emailed them several times to no avail. Hey, get it together.I have also a lot of negagtives about coming there than not. So sorry . I am very disappointed/

  17. Debbie,

    We actually enjoyed it, good food & service. My husband was to thrilled about not being able to make reservations and how they do the reservations but after we ate he decided it was worth the money.

  18. I ate at the lady and sons, but i was disappointed. Yes, it was good, but I was expecting more food, and a bigger buffet table.

  19. I love Paula and her food! I’m a volunteer photographer for the Savannah Morning News online edition. To see photos of Paula at events, please go to and type PAULA in the search box. Thanks!

  20. Everybody in Savannah loves Paula Deen, even when they pretend to hate her, trust me, what she has done for Savannah, everyone should be thanking her with a sickening southern accent!!

  21. A few weeks ago, on a tour bus trip to Savannah, our group was told to enter the basement of Pauls Deen’s. A small buffet was set to the back with two kinds of chicken and some pork chops. The vegetables were your every day potatoes and a few other vegetables that appeared to be poured from a can. All at our table were very disappointed! When a lady at our table asked for ice cream for her minute dab of cobbler, the response from our server was: ” We don’t do that down here.” The number of people in a group that enter the famous Paula Deen’s should be entitled to the same quality of food and the variety of food that I am sure must have been offered on the main level of the restaurant. That was my first and last time at a Paula Deen’s!

  22. wow! amazing. Kind of the same way I felt on the Foodie Tour being shuffled in like cattle with your tiny styrofoam cup to dish from the buffet then to be shuffled back out on the sidewalk to eat it!! Give me a break Paula!! All customers should be treated the same as I am sure all of the money coming through the door is treated the same right!


  24. Just had Thanksgiving Day dinner at Lady&Sons, and I will never go back. We had reservations for 2:15 and showed up at 2:00. We were not allowed in the building and seated until 3:45. These reservations were made a month and a half ago. Anyone worth their salt in the restaurant business knows that more than a 30 minute wait with reservations is totally inappropriate. Everyone lined up outside had reservations and had to wait at least an hour and a half. This is beyond poor planning. It’s called greed. Most of the dishes were very good, and some of the dishes were not that great. But having too wait that length of time with reservations kind of puts a damper on the whole meal. Subjecting senior citizens and kids to that kind of waiting outside in the elements is just not right or good business.

  25. stopworshipbignames!

    As a Chinese, I hate her food. I call her the “ butter and salt lady”. I could not taste the subtleness and delicacy in her gourmet-priced dish.
    As an American, my husband loved the flavor of her chicken pie but suffered stomach toil after the meal.
    Our wallet, as trying to be a wise-spend pal, hates to be fooled and robbed by this big name lady.
    They have 9 dishes in the entrees part.
    I ordered Peach BBQ grouper $27.99, which includes
    A piece of fish, which is of half palm of an adult’s hand size, with a bottle-cap amount of Peach Source on top.
    A half-fist-big pile of salad, containing 4-5 counts of Asparagus heads, corns and chopped red onions.
    Two piece of grit cakes. One is salty, the other is sweet.
    My comments:
    The fish was a little hard.
    The salad is salty, and the red onion too overpowered other ingredients.
    The grit cakes were too rich in butter, with their light-fried outside, which makes me think of a food grave or something.
    I did not finish the dish. I admit It was a waste of money, but better than wasting my body.
    My husband ordered Chicken Pot Pie, $18.99
    He had a “partying-mouth and torturing-stomach” experience.
    All in all, her food just simply DOES NOT worth the money. In my opinion, her big name digs out 10 bucks in each entrée dish.
    By the way, while waiting for the dish, my husband chatted with one of their waiters, asking him which was his favorite dish here. He said, “I do not eat here. It is horrible.” ……ha, here we go~
    Some people said this is a local people regular visit place. Well, I do not agree. Maybe I am not a wise eater in Southern food, but in this restaurant each main dish is no cheaper than $17.99, which is NOT a “regular family dining out” thing BUT a “travelers’ special treat or big name worship” thing.
    It is an exaggeration, but at least 15% is true. Using a metaphor, the two dishes we ordered in “The Lady and Sons” is “sh*t coded with chocolate trying to sell at a Manhattan Price.”

  26. Laurie Holcomb

    My parents and I were interested in eating there for the 51st wedding anniversary on the way back to Atlanta yesterday. Though my parents are elderly, they were willing to wait to get seating. I personally was a little disenchanted by the thought that one could only get a reservation if they had a party of 10 or more. Where is the value for small parties in that requirement. I understand that turning folks away can be interpreted as providing a terrific product; it could also mean a poorly managed reservation/seating system.

    After looking at the menu, I am sort of glad that we were not able to get in. We went down the street to Belford’s and had a delightful brunch with great table service. The atmosphere was wonderful and we were seated right away.

    Thanks The Lady & Sons for having no availability. This led to a wonderful discovery.

  27. On a trip to Savannah on tour, was lucky to have a reservation at “The Lady and Sons”. I admire Paula Dean and all she has accomplished.
    However, the Lady and Sons was not a place I was pleased with nor will I recommend it to anyone going to Savannah.Buffet food was cold and tasteless, Desert was overly sweet and not very original. On the whole, I have to say it was terrible.

  28. Never really seen Paula Deen but family & friends encouraged me to go the The Lady & Sons place when I was in Savannah for a conference.
    On October 27th, 2009 I made the pilgrimage and not really sure what I was in for. What a joke! Historical building for sure. Very nice on the inside but crumbling on the outside. That’s where the uniqueness ends. I was dining solo which allowed me to watch others. I stood outside where the young male host yelled out First Name, last initial and # in party as he handed out passes. That was after a brother team came out into the street with aprons on and rang a dinner triangle after all the waiting patrons yelled “BUTTER” to the top of their lungs in response to a quick Paula Deen trivia question. At that point, I remember all the horror stories about the starving children in China I heard during childhood. This was an obscene experience in which tourists stood in line for an hour to pay almost $20 as they yelled “BUTTER” toward the gray, drizzling sky of Savannah.
    Inside, I took a look at the buffet. Somebody’s kidding me, right?! It was all of 8 – 10 ft long filled with fried chicken, peas, lima beans, mac -n- cheese, mashed potatoes, etc. Nothing that couldn’t be gotten at a local Bonanza or Golden Corral. In fact, the choices would have been better at the latter.
    Diners were not able to choose where they sat. I’m glad I was seated in the bar area at a tall table for two. I could tell by the look on some folks faces that they didn’t like being at the bar. Some of the elderly couples that stood in line for an hour and looking forward to a memorable night out were sitting..not looking into one anothers eyes and talking about the grandkids..but facing forward and watching the bartender deal with the hustle & bustle of the waitresses placing drink orders over the senior citizens’ shoulders.
    I chose to order from the menu. I want someone to actually cook to order for me. I ordered the $18.99 Chicken Pot Pie. As I waited, the ho girl came around with ho/hoe cakes and cheese biscuits. O.K. I get it. Fill ’em up with 2 cents worth of corn meal fixn’s and they won’t eat as much meat!!
    My pot pie arrived with at least 4 inches tall of flaky, criss-crossed crust. The bowl which had a 2-inch lip all around, supported the crust. There was about a cup and a half of chicken pot pie in the bowl. Very creamy and good. But hey, I get all excited I dump out my chicken pot pies at home and they have a crust on the bottom as I throw away the little tin pan.
    As I nibbled on my chicken pie, I am guessing 80% of the diners are eating off the buffet. They go back again and again. Now I know why the buffet is $18.99. Folks are eating 3 and 4 plates of food. The Butter Lady has set us free!! Not only is butter hip again…the Butter Lady has freed us to eat until we can’t eat any more. I actually saw people leaning over against the wall in their booths they were so full. I saw folks covering their mouths as they belched..just before heading for another plate of butter-filled, deep-fried whatevers.
    Not wanting to get too full on my walk back through old Savannah river front, I only ate half my chicken pie and skipped dessert. Of course, only 4 desserts were offered: Breyer’s Ice Cream, Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Mousse Pie and Pecan Pie. So much for any kind of effort in offering up fancy desserts for the thousands of fans who stand for hours to pay homage to the Butter Lady.
    Back at the hotel later that night, I finished off the chicken pie. The creamy had turned to thick, sticky substance. Not quite sure if it was butter or lard. What I do know is that I picked out several splintered chicken bones as my tongue recognized them. Splintered chicken bones stuck in my throat is not cool. The ho daddies or ho chicks doing the cooking at the Butter Lady’s establishment need to be a little more careful.
    So? Do I recommend The Lady and Sons? Mayby…just once. So you can go back home and tell the tell. But I bet you one thing. You will NOT be able to say that it was worth the wait.

  29. I just returned from Savannah to specifically do the Paula Deen tour and to eat at her restaurants. First off, we ate at Lady and Sons on Friday evening–we arrived at 3:30ish and put our names in for available times for dinner which was to be at 7:45. We came back, they immediately sat us and brought out the cheese biscuit and hoe cakes–yum yum, but the hoe cake was super greasy, but my husband loved it. I then ordered the buffet, and my husband ordered beef tenderloin with blue cheese crumbles and raspberry sauce–interesting right? Well the buffet was okay—not really what I expected–the fried chicken was cold and the mac and cheese was SUPER salty (which is usually my fave), so I was a little disappointed. My husband thought his steak was cooked well but completely smothered in raspberry sauce, which quite frankly, just didn’t taste good. I understand the salty and sweet combo they were going for, but it really was a disappointment AND it was a $40 entree. Ultimately, I felt it was overpriced and overrated. However, we did do the tour the next day, which was interesting, and ate at Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House, which was SO much tastier! I highly recommend doing the tour followed by the lunch at Uncle Bubba’s–everything was delicious!

  30. Hi people, it is Thanksgiving Day! I’m enjoying my extra day off, and I am planning to doing something fun that will probably involve a moto trip and seeing something new in Tehachapi I haven’t seen yet.
    You write new post at Thanksgiving?

  31. My husband and I were very pleased with our buffet meal at Paula Deen’s restaurant in Savannah on the 18th of March, 2010. I often watch Paula’s shows on the Food Channel and I have always enjoyed both her ‘positive spirit’ and the items she creates.

    Yes, she uses lots of butter but it’s not that a person has to eat a steady diet of such items. They’re treats! I’m going to work on my mashed potatoes … never have succeeded in making them as creamy as Paula’s.

    When in Savannah, we thought it would be fun to actually eat at her restaurant and see if her food was as good as the ‘hype.’ Well, it was great.

    Her staff is attentive and there is obvious teamwork as they go about their business. We’ve done a LOT of restaurant eating as we’ve visited various states over the past month and a half.

    The world needs more ‘Paula Deens’ …

  32. You people that commented bad reviews about this restaurant have no idea of what the restaurant business is..First a restaurant if they are packed and they have a line out their door they try to get the people that were waiting first in line seated first than people that are in the back of line. It does not matter if you are in a hurry…come on I mean this restaurant is owned by Paula Deen…it WILL take a whole lot longer to be seated than a normal food chain restaurant or a family owned restaurant. Paula Deen knows what she is doing with her recipes or she wouldn’t be famous for them…. You people just don’t understand the concept of a restaurant business..My mother owns a restaurant and I viewed the restaurant business way different than I did before she had the restaurant. And you people that are snobs and rude people cut it OUT no staff in any restaurant should be treated like that at ALL…Learn the word respect! Paula I wish you all the good luck I could possibly give you with your restaurant!! Keep on creating your amazing recipes!

    • Logan, you must not be a local here in Savannah, because if you were, you would already know what most locals do and that is that Deen herself is very rude. Her reputation is getting out there not only on the foodnetworks where many complained about how vulgar she was and stopped watching her show, but also locals know her. Trust me, what goes around also comes around. I just hope that we are around when her time comes around because it is way long overdue. Do your homework and check her reviews—all of these other people can’t all be wrong compared to one woman.

  33. I had to laugh as I read the previous e mails. Rarely do the restaurants of the famous live up to their hype and I certainly don’t understand why anyone would wait in a long line to get in or to get a reservation for later that day. Savannah has too many good restaurants for people to waste their time on this. In January I went on a “Paula Deen Cruise” which was a great deal of fun, but let me tell you, Paula simply doesn’t know how to tell time. As charming as she is it is maddning to wait at least a half hour and sometimes much more for her to show at her events. After a while I just said “who cares” and went about enjoying the cruise and rarely bothered to go to a specific Paula Deen event. If she is so rude as to make her fans wait on a ship, why should it be any different at her restaurant?

  34. Was at the restaurant this past weekend. Must say that we were disappointed. The food was mediocore at best. I must also say that I am disappointed with Paula Deen. She seems like a genuinely nice person, but I think the whole thing with her restaurant is all hype. After we ate there, all of the locals we talked to told us that the locals never eat there. I think that the whole system for taking reservations is designed to create these long lines outside the restaurarnt to create the illusion that the food is to die for. I think that Paula is only interested in snagging all of the tourists just once, and doesn’t care if they like the food or not. You only need to read the reviews and see that the collective opinion is unfavorable. Disappointed with Paula.

  35. A big crowd of my business associates and spouses went to Paula Deen’s. We were all excited about the experience. We had reservations and did not wait but you must have 10 people to reserve and they will not seat you if your whole party is not there. The first bite was delicious but quickly went downhill from there. The biscuit was excellent, the hoecake tasted exactly like Aunt Jemima pancakes. The buffet food was ordinary. I ordered the crab stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon on rice which was very good. The fried green tomaotes were a huge disappointment to all in our party of 12. We spent more than $60 for two. The restaurant was rather shabby, bathrooms were dirty, buffet tables small and dated and it was very loud. For a good dining experience I’d suggest somewhere else. Check out the store if you are a Paula fan but make the recipes at home.

  36. Went to dinner for New Year’s Eve with a group of people. The only thing good about the restaurant was our waiter. The food was a HUGE disappointment to all. Don’t bother wasting your money here. Too many other restaurants better. We cancelled our tour for Paula Deen because of this. Eating at Bubba’s (her son’s restaurant) did not sound appetiting.

  37. First of all Bubba’s Restaurant is not her son but her brother. As for Paula’s restaurant I have not been able to get there due to a debilitating illness. If I ever do get the chance I will partake and make my own decision.

  38. I am a professional black man and just got back from Paula Deen’s while on vacation in Hilton Head. Most of the complaints have to do with reservations and those people probaly didn’t read the instructions and thus the bad exeprience .

    WE got there at 930, got lunch reservations for 11 and the food was great!!! Chicken was fried perfect, veggies were also great. My mom is an excellent cook and while I can get this food at home Paula’s place is also great!!!!

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  40. I used to be suggested this blog by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this submit is written through him as nobody else realize such certain about my problem. You are amazing! Thank you!

  41. We looked forward to our tri p to Savannah. Our group of 8 were joined by 30 others for our bus trip. We live in PA. It was a long trip but our itinerary was great. Each commented how lucky we were to be going to Paula Deens Restaurant. We enjoyed each restaurant along the way – great food and great treatment. The Lady and Sons was crowded, I think. We were sent down the steps to a dungeon of a cellar. Cold drinks were offered as we sat at the table.

  42. The long awaited experience was a bust. The place is a disgrace, the food col and tasteless. The service the worse I ever experienced. There were 38 of us from PA looking so forward to it. Every stop we made was great. Food enjoyable from Myrtle Beach and each place until the Lady and Sons. THe cellar and UNISEX bathroom-one urinal and one toilet archaic. Paula needs

  43. Came for 6:30 pm dinner on a Tuesday night. Service and staff friendly. We both had buffet. Fried chicken was dry and had little taste. Ribs were cold and dry as well. Mashed potatoes were good, greens good, yellow rice was overcooked. Hoe cakes were really greasy but I guess that is how they are supposed to be. Whole dinner reminded us of the golden corral or another type of cafeteria style food. Banana pudding was really good though. We can say we ate there but that’s about it. The lady and sons need to check out their own food. Would recommend ditching the buffet and cooking some fresh food. Understand that a reputation can be difficult to uphold but you can do better.


  45. Just recently went to Hilton Head, & my cousin & her friend decided to visit
    The Lady & Sons Restaurant….Paula Deen being the owner. They were
    told if you didn’t want to wait, you could get “take out”, which they did.
    The chicken was greasy, the other meats didn’t have a lot of taste, & the
    veggies were just “ok”. Think they ordered sweet potato fries, or just a
    sweet potato, which was good. The other thing one of them ordered,
    was a banana pudding cake, or maybe just banana pudding, & it was good. They were extremely disappointed in the food (& prices.) So
    glad we didn’t try it when we visited Savannah a month ago.

    Paula needs to look at these reviews, & change her way of cooking!!
    Just because a restaurant has someone of importance name on it,
    doesn’t always mean the food is good!

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